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It was!! *** 120 + mph *** WITH BALL

December 5 2010 at 5:40 PM

Mcirishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
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Response to It will be interesting....

And I have a witness! wink.gif

Met with fellow SA member (and Blueprinter) Rick at the golf dome and hit balls. I showed him the over speed club, and the speed chain and after he worked both of those for a bit his club head speed increased about 7-10 mph from his earlier readings. I am really convinced that the muscle fibers and motor neural pathways for speed are activated and developed better by using these two training aids. Only bummer was the lighting was not good enough for the high speed to work, so I have a bunch of clips to dark to see anything.

I mainly was concerned to see how the ball was flying and if any thing bad had crept into my swing since all I have been doing is training with the chain and swinging with no ball. I also wanted to see if my club head speed stayed the same when hitting balls as when just making "dry swings". Several folks have opined that "their experience" was that club head speed when not hitting balls is always faster than when hitting balls. IMO when when this happens the golfer is too "ball oriented" in their approach and mindset. wink.gif
I am happy to report that for me and my new speed gains, that is not the case, and that all is fine, and I was clocking 120+ mph and hitting nice shots. I hit one 126, but cold topped it, and another 128, but it was bananna'd out of the range! Still, I hit very good shots and can report that my swing is intact with no major bad things having crept into from training with the chain. I hit Rick's driver which was an inch longer than mine and had one at 125 and another at 123, so perhaps I can go longer when get my new driver.

BTW - Rick had some new irons that I really liked. They had Mizuno heads and Project X steel shafts in a 5.5. flex. They were a full 10 mph faster than my clubs and felt oh so sweet! I might have to look into those shafts this spring. Anybody else play these shafts?

Good times...felt good to hit some balls.


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