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not exactly Herbert....

December 6 2010 at 5:00 PM
David  (Login davidy48)

Response to Stack and Tilt

though even an S+T nerd like myself was unable to get through all of that. He does conclude that it is not "definitively" proven that S+T is bad for the back, simply because no-one else has been nerd/interested enough to carry out such an experiment - indeed it would not be easy to think of a way to do so which would satisfactorily meet the author's "academic" standards.

I respect Mr Mann's work and don't think he needs to try and achieve some spurious credibility by calling his article a "paper". Being bad for the back was one of the many criticisms levelled at S+T when it first appeared by the naysayers, but remains unproven. The fact is all golf is bad for the back ! I can only say for myself as a bulging disc sufferer that I have experienced zero problems in the 3 years I've been using it, indeed find it more comfortable than what I was using before ( Mike Austin ).

Now that Tiger has taken on a coach who is quite closely associated with Plummer and Bennett ( though he doesn't teach pure S+T per se ), there are a number of critics anxiously praying they won't have to eat their words.....

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