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Funny you should mention that

December 28 2010 at 9:45 PM

Mcirishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
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Response to Grip types and speed

Thanks for the idea! Been thinking about grips lately.

Sadlowski, Joe Miller, Jacob Bowden of the long drive crowd, and Dustin Johnson on tour all mentioned "relaxed hands" as being one key to getting max speed. I really didn't know what they mean by that, so I just started by loosening my grip. First on my trail hand, then in my lead hand. LOL, it was cold and the grip was slick and I slung that thing right into our new garage door! I don't normally wear a golf glove, but I dug one out and put it on! I found that with a golf glove I can grip the club lighter with my lead hand and this adds speed.

Watching the LD guys, most all seem to favor a VERY strong grip...some of the comments were that this adds to a "dual hinging" of both wrists. I have already tried it and it just doesn't feel comfortable, and the speed was not as good. For now, I am going to keep my IMA grip and keep going until I level out. Then I will look to some other adjustments specific for long drive.

I think IMA / SA gives me a better chance to square the club head and watching those guys hit all those balls OB that may be better for me if I can get the club head speed.

125 MPH with a five iron huh? Damn!


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