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Is Lever Power Golf really any EASIER on the shoulders than other methods?

January 13 2011 at 3:18 PM
Anonymous  (Login stcjones)


I have been dealing with a scapula/shoulder injury and am looking for perhaps a less stressful way to swing the club. I have almost always played the "Ernest Jones/Frankel" way with swinging the clubhead. I sustained an injury to the long thoracic nerve which supplies the nerve supply to the right serratus anterior muscle. So now I have some "winging" or lifting away of my right scapula during the golf swing (play LEFT HANDED)and alot of other activities. I have been given the go ahead to resume playing as long as I tee everything up and use hybrid irons.

In starting back, I have noticed some uncomfortable/weird feeling in the scapula (shoulder blade) on the downswing. I am not getting very little discomfort with swinging which is a good thing. Anyways, a friend of mine suggested that I take a hard look at Lever Power golf because it is supposed to be MUCH easier on the shoulders (and low back). Now the Low back part I can easily see because you aren't turning as much......BUT what about the shoulders? In my trials with it from their doesn't seem to put as much strain on it.....but still feels a little tight and uncomfortable. Seems to me that the downswing phase in lever power golf swing isn't all that much different from the downswing in the conventional swing.

Anyways, IS THERE ANY other swing methods that any of you could suggest that put LESS STRESS on the shoulder/shoulder blade area??? Any advice greatly appreciated.........

If not, I may just have to keep swinging with the Ernest Jones approach and over time the muscle will rebuild and strengthen.......thx guys!!!!

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