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had my first "lesson" with teaching pro

February 1 2011 at 12:42 PM
Anonymous  (Login dbmff)

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This past Saturday I went to a golf expo near my was the near the end of the show and my buddy and I saw there was nobody in line to get "free lessons" from pros from an academy not too far away. I decided to hit a few balls for him...and to see his reaction to my single axis set-up. He asked me about my game...I told him I'm in my 3rd year of golf and set-up single axis..I didn't mention Bertholy/Moe/etc., but I did say I'm really trying to build the absolute fundamentals into my swing...he looked at me a bit funny on this one. To my surprise he liked my set-up and my swing......but he pointed out the following. I should also mention I've hit balls only once since the end of I was a bit rusty.

1) The single axis set-up was fine, he even commented I had a very fundamentally sound grip..but I was not leaning over enough(I was hitting a 7-iron). He said it looked like I could use more space.

2) I brought the club inside way too quickly...which is funny because I thought I was NOT doing this. He had me working on coming more straight back in the backswing. I'll have to video this to see the difference...

3) But the biggest thing he stressed was my club fitting. He asked what clubs I play and if I had them fit...which unfortunately I did not. He stated that with my single axis set-up my clubs are probably not fit correctly...he also gave me the name of a local place that uses Trackman, and suggested I try to get fitted or get my clubs adjusted before golf season starts up.

So has anyone here found this to be true about club fitting for a single axis set-up?

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