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The point

April 7 2011 at 12:56 PM

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Response to Implementing an early

The Title at the top of the thread is "Here it is. The secret for more EFFICIENT distance and accuracy!"

I don't see anything new or secret in what you are saying. The claw position is well detailed in the Bertholy material.

Kevin is claiming that more trail wrist bend beyond the y position at impact along with a lot of bend in the trail elbow and the associated body position is an indicator of more distance and accuracy. In my case I hurt my trail arm trying to achieve those positions. I did hurt my trail biceps a few years ago doing reverse curls and I think that is a factor in all of this. I also don't want to stress my lower back by trying to get the hips way open at impact, everything in moderation I guess... There is no way that I can achieve Dustin Johnson's impact position in my current condition. That is what I mean by leaving it to the young guys.happy.gif

Regards, Herbert

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