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Two things I find interesting

April 8 2011 at 7:17 AM

Mcirishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
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Response to Experiment

The first is how lacking I was in this area now that I am focusing on it. Bertholy does indeed mention the claw, but as I say in the video, there is not a focus or emphasis on training for it the way there is in creating the angle and radial deviation of the lead wrist.

I also find it interesting that Herbert is always talking about not being athletic enough to swing like a 25 year old, that he wants a swing that is easier on his back, and he doesn't want to hurt himself. This is exactly "what the doctor" ordered in that regard.

By just RETAINING maximum trail wrist flexion deeper into the downswing and ideally, on through the impact zone, he would get more club head speed with no extra effort. People with bad backs, or those who have limited flexibility in making a full turn, barrel chested or heavy individuals too, can find lots of benefit here, with just a simple focus on trail wrist flexion.

Indeed most amateurs have a tendency to utilize a lot of wasted motion and have trouble making a "stabilized" golf action - they could shorten their backswing, get more help sequencing (because they don't need as much time to get everything going back the other way) and hit the ball better and farther by just improving this aspect. I mean, 98 mph (vs 75mph from) a 9 o'clock no stop, no backswing swing - that's a lot. Tour average for 5 iron is 94 mph. Hey wait a second...maybe I'll shorten my backswing up! happy.gif

And yes, it is an "experiment" - which by nature can't be "false". I thought this was obvious so didn't reply to it, but thanks. Experiments are DONE, and then the results are what they are. That's why they are called experiments! And people that try this experiment are reporting data that comports closely to what I have reported. No warm fuzzy feelings needed. Swing with minimal trail wrist extension, note speed. Swing with maximum trail wrist extension note speed.

And then finally, exercising the trail wrist in a way that increases strength AND flexibility of the trail wrist...well why not? I think we have said all we can say about that at this point...or least I have. Works for me...and others too. That's always been my "litmus test approach".



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  • Sigh - Herbert on Apr 8, 2011, 12:36 PM
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