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Re: Tried the HSS this week

May 27 2011 at 4:38 AM

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Response to Tried the HSS this week


There are a few folks who use HSS or something similar still around I think. I used it off and on for a number of years.

Some things that I have found are:

A steeper backswing will solve the pulls and hooks for me.

If I keep the trail wrist bent back through the ball and to the finish and make the release sort of like a windshield wiper in front of me then I don't get the wrist pain that I seem to run into otherwise.

I have given up on it and am using an IMA lead hand grip with the back of the hand approximately parallel with the clubface with a double overlap trail hand grip. The main reason is that I think that the idea of keeping the club face square to the path on the backswing as recommended by HSS and Simple Swing is not so good. It is better to let the clubhead turn toe up at parallel to the ground on the backswing as most every pro does. Just IMHO...

Regards, Herbert

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