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Hi Ham!

July 28 2011 at 5:47 PM
Sally  (Login Golfpro2011)

Response to Hi Sally!!

Ham dear, I realy do not have the time or desire to debate you on this. Because, no matter what I say, there will be those who will try and be contrary and argumentative, seems that is the way it is on many of internet golf forums. A lot of chest beating, not for me Ham!

I live and work in a small country town, the course I play on is just a 6050 yard muni from the mens tees, it is just basic golf, but fun. I teach part-time there, just leave my card out and I get some bites every so often. And I work with the girl's camp here every summer, that is about it. Just a humble golfer, a humble person, I have nothing to prove and don't have the energy dear to debate all this. Sorry, but golf has to be fun first and foremost.

I am not interested in playing at a pro level, no time with a full time job and two teenagers in the house. I shoot to a 10 from the mens tees (6050 yards), that is about the best I can do, and can do a whole lot better from the lady's tees (5400 yards). I play both, depending on who I am with, but it is always fun! I have no time to worry about plane, lag, where my elbows are, weight shift, whatever. I have worked mostly on setup and balance, and my only swing thought is releasing from the top down and through. A downward never ending slap through the ball, I say through, not at! My release feels like it never ends, no other way to describe it. No effort whatsoever to hold any angle and produce lag and a delayed hit. On video, I sure don't look like Sergio, but there is no blatant throwaway, one could assume I am holding the angle all the way down, I am not. I am turning my core, never quitting, and most importantly trying to maintain a sense of acceleration through the ball. All while staying in balance and maintaining decent alignments from start to finish.

I have many happy students and many of my girls come back year after year and a few have went on to play in high school and local competitions at the club and locally. My approach works quickly, they get the satisfaction and positive reinforcement of a good hit very fast. Swing plane happens out of good setup, and lag comes from learning how to use the core properly. It all happens without making it happen. We are just out there for fun. We are not obsessed with pro style contact or how things look. I am not out to impress with fancy theories or nomenclature. I want my girls and the few students I teach to want to come back, and keeping it simple without a hundred swing thoughts is what I strive to do.

I try to be honest. Golf is full of lies. In my opinion, to charge over a hundred dollars or more for an hour or less is robberry. I am happy with a third of that, and if I get a tip that is great , but don't expect it. The satisfaction of seeing progress is worth more to me than suckering someone out of hard earned money, because people work hard for their money and I am not offering anything more than showing them how to hit a ball. There are some out there that will pay anything, I feel sorry for them because some of the finest most dedicated teachers you will find are at your local range, muni, or high school coaching staff. I do not deserve more money or kudos or notoriety than a fireman, or policeman, or nurse, or teacher. All I show someone to do is hit a stupid ball sitting there on the ground. How many books and ebooks and DVD's make wild claims about improvement? How many balls are the longest, how many clubs are the longest! How may training aids purport to promote muscle memory and the perfect swing in only 5 minutes a day. I cannot stoop to this level. Lying is very pervasive in golf, so much is exaggerated and distorted. A marketeer I am not, and is golf ever full of them. And I will not stoop to endless debate and putting up with insults and sarcasm that awaits, if I try and defend myself further. It seems like almost every civil discussion on many of these groups ends up with someone calling names or being sarcastic, hey this is just golf here. It is about fun, I have no ill will toward no one, and really don't want to deal with the harshness of self proclaimed know it alls who in real life might be a bunch of hacks. Anyone can talk the talk and use buzz words and preach a certain philoophy or methodology , but can they play? You never know, because we will never meet or have the fortune to play in most instances.

Like I said in one of my earlier posts Ham, golf is in big trouble. And I do not believe that the economy is going to get any better in the near future, and the time and financial resources people have for the game are going to be more limited than ever. So, we have a very limited time with a perspective student, and I believe my approach achieves the goal of getting the student hitting the ball and getting him/her exciited to want to keep on learning and playing. And once we get some good ball contact, then quickly focusing to the short game and putting, to round it all out. The typical student has no interest in the type of debate and terminology I see here and elsewhere, that appeals to a very small group. That is certainly all right, I can think of worse ways to spend ones time, but 99% of most golfers could care less.

Bless you Ham and have a great day!


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