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Kiran's Gem's- Could MGS be Golf's "Fosbury Flop"?

October 9 2011 at 7:59 PM

McIrishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
SAGF Members 2001

Some scientific studies that evaluate the golf swing and how best to deliver the club to the ball at maximum speed and consistency compare amateur to pro. Most pro's learned to swing from an early age and were taught the "conventional way". So measurements of pro's swings are basically measuring the same style of swing, and amateurs attempt to emulate these swings.

For example, all pros exhibit much greater shoulder turn than amateurs, so the conclusion is drawn that a big shoulder turn is required for maximum club head speed. Nobody considers anything different, or that perhaps that is not totally correct, or that there might be a better way, because all pros do this, and they all do it way better than most amateur's. The longest hitters make the biggest shoulder turn of them all. So to improve your swing, increase your turn, right?

Well I read Herbert's question to Kiran about wrist cock, where it seemed he might be trying to slip her a "gotcha question" about the paper she referenced - as it stated that pros "...held wrist cock longer....and that it was the strongest determinant of club head velocity...".

Her reply was genuine, simple and to the point:
The paper's correlation with club speed is a correlation only not a cause. The better golfers are more able to do what is required of them, which, traditionally, is a wrist cock, and of course the better golfers have better speeds, on the whole. So, one does not necessarily cause the other.

This was like a gentle slap in the face to me as I sat there thinking about all the the concepts I have about the swing, and how I went about building my swing, and how my thinking has been soooooo limited in many ways - in part because I made such dramatic improvement going down the path I could anything else be an improvement? It took an injury to move me to consider other possibilities and move me off my position and change my paradigm.

So ladies and gentleman, we are ( or at least I and some others are )at the same fork in the road with the swing, that high jumpers were when Fosbury appeared on the scene many years ago. Could it really be possible to get better performance jumping that way? REALLY everybody said. he won the gold medal. Now, most everybody flops don't they? happy.gif

Is it really possible to attain pro level contact, consistency, and distance using MGS fundamentals? NO big turn - NO active wrist set - NO unnecessary movement or rotation. NO - re routing. NO huge back swing? Could MGS, with its unconventional set-up, and break from some long held swing mechanics dogma be the swing of the future? She makes a bold claim, which should not be overlooked, and should be given very careful consideration, because it makes a ton of sense:
IF you do everything MGS, you can have a very specific cause for every fault, and it is universal to every human body - no discrimination - because all our joints work in exactly the same manner.

Now that's a pretty strong statement, about as strong as it gets. But imagine the possibilities if indeed this is the case.

Dem bones..Dem Bones..Dem Bones...oh hear the Word of the Lord.


Never quit til you have a swing you'll never forget!

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