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The stretch

October 10 2011 at 8:33 AM

McIrishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
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Response to Probably not

Ham I see what you are saying and it makes lotsa of sense from a logical point of view. I saw your comment on one of her videos that expressed the same sentiment where you said:
Not sure how you wish to create speed without leverage. Lack of leverage seems to be one of the biggest problems golfers have.

That expresses quite well the sentiment and mindset of the traditional golf teaching mainstream, as I said. Since the best swings in the world all turn, cock and hinge their wrists, keep their arms straight, have maximum X factor stretch, hip and shoulder rotation, and a strong lower body lead as the first move, it's hard to see how there could be something that works as well ( or even better) that is such a radical departure from the conventional wisdom. That is why I used the analogy of the Fosbury flop.

It was hard for me to see, who built my swing using heavy pipes and slow motion drills, it was hard for me to see how I could add more speed by swinging a lighter club faster and training with a speed chain. But, I stepped out of my comfort zone and sure enough, there it was.

Pitching is actually a good example. Most pitchers can bring just as much heat throwing from the stretch as they can with no men on and they are taking their big huge windup and leg raise. So why do pitchers not use the stretch all time, it is a simpler move? Because they have been pitching like that their whole lives.

IMO the best study would be to take someone who swings MGS, make those same measurements of muscle activation, body part speed, club head velocity and ball speed etc - take the same measurements that they have been taking for years measuring golfers that swing the more conventional way. Then we would be able to quantify exactly what MGS does bring to the table and what is involved and why it works.

Until something like that comes about, we only have our empirical evidence and speculation. But judging from the "chatter" here the MGS has some real merit. We have folks that NEVER posted coming on saying they are getting dramatic help and improvement. We have a lifelong golfer 68 yrs young who has added distance AND accuracy. Kiran says lots of people are buying her book, and I am getting lots of phone calls and emails reporting the same.

In two weeks, one of our own - HAWK - is going to meet with me for a one on one with this. Hawk is one of the first purchasers of my book when it came out, and has personally benefited from The Blueprint approach, so he will be a good reference point for comparison. So he will get a look first hand at what I am doing, how easy it ( or not ) is to adapt to MGS, and what kind of results he experiences. Not being the shy type, I expect he will give a full report of our session.


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