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November 4 2011 at 1:56 PM
Hawkholman  (Login gobuckeyes)

Response to Force & Downswing Question

I am 62, out of shape, and have a history of back problems. For years I have tried to start the downswing by 'bumping' my left hip.....IT DIDN'T WORK......everything turned, including shoulders and over the top I went. I even sent a tape to Remington, but he could not turn me into Moe, even though his 'fart left' pre set was probably on the right track.

I then got into what I call 'correct casting' [a whole thread on this below that I decided to stay out of].......meaning starting the downswing by swinging the clubhead away from the target. Dalton McCrary sold a lot of tapes and instruction books with this method, and it worked very well for me, except when my 'cast' went out toward the ball instead of straight back behind me. [what it felt like]

I tried Kevin's Book and excercises, but just could not make my self put in the reps' that Kevin does.............enter MGS. Immediatley the 'torso turn' prior to starting my backswing helped, because it makes it more unlikely you will come over the top. MGS helped and I was NOT doing it right.

Lesson from Kevin.....greatly improved 'torso turn' pre set and benifitted immediatley at the lesson......[even made Kevin drop an F-Bomb when I smoked an 8 iron], but as you can see in the lesson summary, I was still using way to much 'downforce' with my arms to start the downswing and then coming up out of the shot.

After the lesson with Kevin and talking personally with Kiran, I hit birdie balls in the park using NOTHING in the way of effort to start my downswing. The left arm goes up, then falls. Light grip pressure trying to 'feel the wieght of the clubhead', and then just let it fall, keeping both feet flat on the ground with no forced wieght shift or leg 'drive' until pulled into the follow through.

Last Wednesday I finally was able to 'take it to the course'....I got the chance to hit some balls before playing which helped........and then I did it......NO EFFORT with anything to start the downswing........'MINIMALIZED!!!!' First tee shot was 240 with a little draw on a dogleg left, and it gave me the confidence to repeat it all but 3 times on full shots.

Heading for the range tomorrow and hoping to play Sunday, using no effort to start the downswing. Just raise the left arm and stand there and let it happen.


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