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My first 'benchmark' video with the new PB swing.

March 20 2012 at 12:38 AM
Chris  (Login rafer11)

Hey guy,

I went out to the range today and took some video so that I have a benchmark video of my swing 1 week into Paul Bertholy's book. I've done Program 1 for a week+, and I've done Program 2 (2 sets of 5). I just started it yesterday.

I'll start with the video first, and then post an image of some stills.

Video from the front. Left is last year. Right is from today.

Video from DTL. Left is last year. Right is from today.

Here is an image with stills of the swings

My initial thoughts... looking at Pictures 2 and 3... they are scary. I had a concern in program 1 that the Keystone Position might do this to my back swing... and my prediction came true. I'm bring the club back so far inside, it's ridiculous. I took these two videos near the first few balls of my bucket and once I saw it on camera immediately started working on my one piece takeaway as I was quite blown away by this. You can see my right wrist in 2 & 3 just wants to cup immediately like in the Keystone position of Program 1. Yuck.

Still 4, I'm pretty surprised how flexed my right knee is. I continually practice at home with a nearly stiff right leg, a little flexed, but nothing this much. Feel is so different than real, and it's really hurting my hip turn. My shoulder plane appears to be much better on the right side.

Still 5 shows my bad habit creepin up of bringing my right heel up early. However, I'm much more on plane on the right side. Looking at my hands in #5 is quite telling. You can tell on the left side I'm way over the top and cooked.

Still #6 much of the same as 5. I put two little red lines (hard to see) where the club face is. Much more on plane on the right side. Left side, all I can hope for is a pull.

Still #7 is impact. Can see a little more Rod and Claw on the right side, actually being able to see between both arms.

#8 follow through you can see on the left an out to in swing. The arms are nearly entirely hidden behind the body. Right side is a bit more out and the hands are rolling over.

#9 follow through is not proper to what's in the book. After I hit this shot, I would remember half way through my ball flight and go to the full finished position.

#11 is once again crazy inside. That keystone position memory is really make my right wrist want to break early.

#12 still have that overly flexed right knee hurting my hip turn. Elbow is a bit more in to the body than on the left.

#13 Quite surprisingly, the lag angle is not much better on the right than on the left. It appears the left side the left arm and club at parallel is just under 135 degrees. The right side is maybe 120-125 degrees as the hands are a little closer to the trail leg on the right.

#14 the hands are not where they need to be. Still getting fooled by the hit impulse I guess but they are not ahead of the ball. I believe quit a bit of this is caused by 2 things. If I were to have my hands ahead of the ball in this image, I would hit thin. The reason being is that my right foot comes up and I also come out of of my stance a bit 'shortening the length of the arc in my swing in relation to the ball'. I need to keep that foot down and stay down as well, reverse C and little more, so that I can get those hands ahead of the ball and make solid contact. When I try to get the hands further up, I wasn't making solid contact.

#15 shows quite a bit of difference in the wrists. The left and spun under in the picture on the right. Much more desirable.


Any comments or suggestions out there? My typical ball flight today was 95% straight. Probably 30% ever ever ever so slight straight fades. Basically straight. 20% straight. 50% straight high draw (much more so than the fade).

I hit mostly my 9 iron, but also hit 7, 5, 3, Driver. 7 was going straight, 5 and 3 were either straight or straight draw/hooking. A couple slight pull hooks but not many to speak of.

I only had maybe 2 shanks, and 2 screaming low slices.

It felt like I was getting amazing lag, but seeing it on video... it's not much. It's moreso the new feeling of 'turning the wrists over' after impact.

I wasn't going to post the video because of how far back inside I was taking it, as after I saw that on video I spent the rest of my bucket swing with a one piece takeaway. That's when I took my 7 iron and hit some beautifully straight shots.

The one thing I noticed with my Driver, is that I seem to pop it up with this 'new swing'. I must be coming in steep. I wonder if I need to step away from the ball a bit further so my hands have time and room to turn over.

I'll be working on Program 2 all week, and hopefully I can retain that master move angle better and not have it affect a one piece takeaway.

What do you guys see in my swing? Thanks for any comments or advice.

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