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Hogan Project: My moving head!!

April 23 2012 at 9:28 PM
Anthony  (Login Ben_Hogan_Swing_Project)

Response to Hogan Project: Take 26

Regarding the head: I've been losing sleep about this phenomenon for weeks now. I've come to the conclusion that I'm watching the ball at address (seems common sense that one should be watching the ball, but after talking to Kim about it, I've come to a different theory now). I told Kim about my "moving head" issue. She listened unwillingly, as usual, but gave some enlightening feedback from the perspective of a non-golfer.....or make that.....a golf-hater.

I told her that I am intently focused on the ball at address (took me a few aggravating minutes to explain what address is ). And that I take the club away with my eyes still focused on the ball, and I get to the top of the swing with my eyes focused on the ball, and I swing down with my eyes focused on the ball, and I make impact still lookin at the ball, and as the ball flies away, I am still trying my best to focus on the make sure it is going where I wanted it to in the beginning.

She said "who cares what your head does?? Aren't you just hitting a stupid ball??"

I said "yes, but because I'm trying to get as close to Hogan's movements as possible, I want my head to do the same type movement."

She said "ugggggh. whatever."

I asked her how I could make my head/eyes NOT follow the ball as it took off. She says, "Why don't you just keep looking at the same spot where the ball was."

I said "hmmmmm, don't know about that. Then I would have to focus on the ball from address to impact, then refocus it on the same spot where it was. Just seems like to much focus effort."

She says, "well then just look at a spot right next to the maybe behind it or in front of it or something........ok, are we done talking about this now??? (of course that last part was with an attitude lol, but she set a light bulb off!!!)

Now this is all theory right now, but I'm now thinking that if I focus my eyes on a spot right behind the ball, maybe a blade of grass or something on the ground, I won't follow the ball thru impact, cause I'll be looking at the grass, which, in my mind, doesn't move, unlike the ball flying away. Now, as I'm coming up with this brilliant theory, I'm thinking that I've just invented/uncovered some new extraordinary thing, but all you pro instructors out there probably teach this trick all the time, so please don't laugh too hard at my lack of golfing knowledge.

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  • Actually - cd on Apr 24, 2012, 4:35 PM
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