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What Is A Balanced Swing?

May 18 2011 at 2:05 PM

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Here is something interesting that I ran into on the net:

Here is a quote from page 33:

When asked, we find that most people associate a balanced swing with finishing on the front
foot in complete control of the body. This is partially correct.
A perfectly balanced swing is one that, in addition to being balanced on the front foot at the finish,
is balanced both on the backswing and forward swing. Picture this, a door opening and
closing at the same speed in both directions. That is a balanced swing. In golf we like to see
the back and forward swings in balance like the door. We do not want you to open the door
slowly then slam it shut. It is best to have an evenly controlled motion; why, because this is your

There is an event that happened in 1977 that I will never forget. It involved a professional golfer
that no doubt is one of the toughest competitors ever to play the game, Lanny Wadkins.

I remember that Lanny had lost his PGA card and was playing on sponsors exemptions. He
had come to Visalia, California to practice with another great tour player Jerry Heard, who I had
worked with on several occasions. While visiting Jerry, we had the opportunity to play golf with
Lanny for several days. I recall how Lanny was searching to regain his successful form from
previous years and how frustrated he was. Like most golfers in this state he was open to advice
from anyone with a different idea. In that week he got advice from a bread truck driver, a dentist,
a CPA, and a used car salesman. Nothing worked!

About the third day we were standing on the tee of a par 5; he looked at me and said, So what
do you think? My response was Speed up your backswing (to get it in balance with the forward
swing). You can imagine the look I got. However, after a brief discussion about a balanced
swing and playing within ones individual personality, and possibly the fact that there was
nothing left to try, he gave it a go. My recollection is that success was immediate. After a perfect
tee shot, he hit an x-stiff shaft, straight faced driver (which I had just re-shafted for him) off
the fairway, 3-wood trajectory, right into the middle of the green. An unbelievable shot he executed
twice that day, so in my mind . . . case closed!

After the round Lanny told me he had been working with a teacher on just the opposite, slowing
down the backswing. He went on to have a terrific year in 1977. I am not in any stretch of the
imagination taking credit for that. During the same period he was also working on returning his
putting technique to the way it was during college; we all know you must make putts to win golf
tournaments. I believed then, as I do to this day, that getting his swing in balance attributed to
him regaining his form. You see, Lanny Wadkins swing tempo was a littler quicker than most,
but always in balance; he was just out of balance. I am not sure he ever would have been told
to speed up his backswing.

Is your swing in balance?

Regards, Herbert

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Swing Like Moe
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I have a fast back swing

May 19 2011, 12:06 AM 

And I always have had a fast back swing. When any pro looks at my swing they always tell me to slow my back swing down, but I know that if I slow it down that I can't play a lick.


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Tour Tempo n/t

May 19 2011, 6:14 AM 

Never quit til you have a swing you'll never forget!

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