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October 27 2002 at 1:27 PM
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I have just created a Thelema forum, which I will make a better link to in the next day or two, but for now you can get to it from here:


I'd also really appreciate any suggestions that people might have for new forums on any topic.



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edgar kerval

information (colombia south america)

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November 5 2004, 2:30 PM 

Thelemic magickal order
Fr.HOOR-TZADDI XI "asar un nefer"

"This is the law of the strong:this is our law and the joy of the

Liber AL II:21

Concept and mission

THE INVISIBLE LIGHT OF HERU-RA-HA is a thelemic magickal order,an
spiritual body with individual determination proclaming the law of
thelema and its universality in a world corrupted and whiter by false
values,predjudices,moral codex and materialism. T.I.L.O.H. is an
independent order which hasn't any connection with other thelemic
organizations.this is just an individual orbit of spiritual
illumination having stars who shines according to our own will
through the formula of THELEMA and AGAPE. That of LOVE UNDER WILL.

We make emphasis in the unión/acceptation/fusion of N.O.X. with
L.V.X. which each one of us individually searching the self-
initiation and for such self-initiation we must cross the abyss of
knowledge to find the true will exploring inside ourselves. We
haven't any interest in economical profits with T.I.L.O.H.,the
principal mission is to stablish the law of thelema bringing its
flame to the stars who are willed to shine together with us in an
orbit where the universal will is extended to infinite,proclaming the
kult of thelema working under the point of invocation of both aspects
L.V.X. and N.O.X. from our personal angel /demons coz for us in the
sanctuary of thelema who burns in our hearts there is no
repression,weakness,fear.just freedom as the path to those of us who
spontaneously expressing our true natures and in consequense those
who remains ignorants from their own wills also ignore the meaning of
freedom. So AWAKE! And no repress

Anymore (as on last aeon) the natural impulses,coz they are the keys
to understanding of the true will.

For crowley HERU-RA-HA is the true name of unity which is simbolized
by the twins Harpocrates and Horus.


RA=god sun

HA=egipt phonetic which denotes prayer

Its number is 418,the number of charriot from tarot and the number of
great work.this stabilize to HERU-RA-HA in tiphereth in the sphere of
the sun.

AHA! Transmit the HERU-RA-HA light,the angel from this aeon to the
man of earth,illuminating the malkuth's spere and so the brain and
body of magus with the light of the sun.

And the supreme magickal word for this aeon and HERU-RA-Ha is
ABRAHADABRA which is 418.the unión of macrocosm with microcosm
5+6=11,the pentagram with hexagram,human with divine.

HERU-RA-HA=two images of HORUS in one body

RA-HOOR-KHUIT=the hawk with warrior head

HOOR-PA-KRAAT=the crowned and conquered child HARPOCRATES.

Liber Al:III:35,to 38.

35-the half of the word of HERU-RA-HA called HOOR-PA-KRAAT and RA-

36-then said the prophet in the song...

I am the lord of thebes,and HI

The inspired forth speaker of mentu;

For me unveils the veiled sky,

The self slain ANKH-AF-NA-KHONSU

Whose words are truth,HI invoke,HI greet

Thy presence,O RA-HOOR-KHUIT!

Unity uttermost showed!

I adore the might of thy breath,

Supreme and terrible god,

Who makest the gods and death

To trmble before thee:

I adore thee!

Appear on the throne of Ra!

Open the ways of the khu!

The ways of the khabs run through

To stir me or still me!

Aum! Let if fill me!

38-so that thy light is in me;& its red flame is a sword in my hand
to push thy order. There is a secret door that I shall make to
establish thy way in all the quarters,(these are the adorations,as
thou hast written),as it is said:

the light is mine;its rays consume me.

I have made a secret door

Into the house of Ra and Tum

Of Khephra and of Ahathoor.

I am thy theban,O Mentu,

The prophet Ankh-Af-Ra-Khonsu!

By Bes-Na-Maut my breast HI beat

By wise Ta-Nech HI weave my spell.

Show thy star-splendour,O NUIT!

Bid me within thine house to dwell,

O winged snake of light,HADIT!

Abide with me,RA-HOOR-KHUIT.!

The magickal systems at T.I.L.O.H. comes from diverse ancient
currents as enochian,quabalah,sexual magick(the homosexual formula
developed by master therion),meditation,gnosticsism,astral
magick...and implementing our own personal rituals coz thelemic
magick works in creation and exploration of a psychological sturcture
which trascends the unión of conscious ego with unconscious ego,a
process of individualization which ends with a rite known as"the
knowledge and conversation of guardian angel" and through our own
comunication with self –angels we implant the seeds of our true wills
under the seal T.I.L.O.H.

THE INVISIBLE LIGHT OF HERU-RA-HA is stablished by Edgar Kerval
fr.HOOR-TZADDI XI and Edward Cheron fr. AMON-AR XI,both initiated
individually in the sanctuary of thelema under the star of NUIT,coz
in NUIT is generated the whole __expression of L.V.X in N.O.X.

Liber Al:II:60

My number is 11,as all their numbers

Who are of us.the five pointed star,with a

Circle in the middle,& the circle is red.my

Colour is black to blind,but the blue & gold

Are seen of the seeing.also I have a

Secret glory for them that love me


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