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The coming evangelical collaps

April 21 2009 at 4:21 PM
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Finious  (Login Finious)


The coming evangelical collapse

Evangelical Christians do not practice what they preach. They say and tell people to do one thing including sugar coating it along with branding it as moral, ethical and righteous. Then they do the opposite. In some cases worst than what they preach.

Hypocrisy, intolerance, bias, discrimination, hatred, bigotry, racism, etc. is seen more within Evangelical Christianity than almost any other religions including other variation Christianity, but . The Roman Catholic church has been around almost as long as Christianity and is just as corrupt. Crusades, anyone? Spanish Inquisition?

When you look at the prerequisites of neocapitalism, think of the highlighted words and how they've been presented to you by America's priests, preachers, radio hosts and self ascribed "people of faith". Think of them, then think past them and go to the Warrens and the Parsleys, the Haggees, the Osteens, the Jakes, the Dollars and the Copelands.

Think of both Rod Parsley and John Hagee wants us to "destroy Chatolicisam. Both of them preach in militaristic terms: Parlsey wants us to "destroy Islam" and Hagee wants the Palestinians annihilated to spur on Armageddon.

Hagee's been trying to speed up the End of Days his whole ministerial life! He's got "rapturists" and "End-Timers" salivating at the thought of telling God to hurry! He wants (like Rod Parsley, CUFI's regional manager) Israel to DESTROY the Palestinians and DESTROY Islam! He wants war even worse than George Bush!

Pastor John Hagee: he needs to go on a serious diet(of sanity) or he'll explode. The man loves Jews so much that he tells them to eradicate Palestinians. He's never heard of ethnic cleansing or genocide.

Last year by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life: 57 percent of evangelical church attenders said they believe many religions can lead to eternal life, in conflict with traditional evangelical teaching.

The "divine" message of Evangelical Christian religious intolerance is just not reaching the public as much as some of Christianity's leaders would like it to: Rod Parsley, John Hagee, Benny Hinn. Pat Robertson evidently aren't working hard enough to drive home hatred of Muslims. There are over 965 hate groups in the country.N

Former Vice President Dick Cheney continues to feed the fires of fear and insecurity with the blessing of Parsley and Hagee who wish to create wars for their own agendas. Hagee posited that Nazism was God's will.

As the Huckabees and the Warrens curry favor with heads of state while Mormon, Catholic, and Protestant money is being poured into campaigns, those who think that we have separation of church and state are living in a fantasy world.

Of course, every society has its professional haters: the latest one to come on the scene is Rod Parsley. Not only does he hate Chatolics but he hates a whole religious nation: Islam. (Hey, that "America was created to destroy Islam" is ridiculous - and it's given stand-up comedians a lot of great material). He gets a great deal of money and exposure in telling people who to hate and how to hate.

Rod Parsley, a classic among televangelist hate mongers. He too wants the total annihilation of Islam.

Mr. Parsley has called upon Christians to wage a "war" against the "false religion" of Islam with the aim of destroying it. He urges his readers to realize that a confrontation between Christianity and Islam is unavoidable: "We find now we have no choice. The time has come." And he has bad news: "We may already be losing the battle. As I scan the world, I find that Islam is responsible for more pain, more bloodshed, and more devastation than nearly any other force on earth at this moment." He also claims that Christopher Columbus shared the same goal: "It was to defeat Islam, among other dreams, that Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World in 1492Columbus dreamed of defeating the armies of Islam with the armies of Europe made mighty by the wealth of the New World. It was this dream that, in part, began America." Parsley claims that Islam is an "anti-Christ religion" predicated on "deception." The Muslim prophet Muhammad, he writes, "received revelations from demons and not from the true God."

I believe Parsley to be a key leader who wishes the total annihilation of Islam.


Churchill compared the American people to the "good Germans" of Nazi Germany, claiming that the vast majority of Americans had ignored the civilian suffering caused by the sanctions on Iraq during the 1990s, which he characterized as a policy of genocide.

The essay was later expanded into a book, On the Justice of Roosting Chickens, which won Honorable Mention for the Gustavus Myers Human Rights Award in 2004.

I watched the video on YouTube of Rod Parsley and am disgusted. Parsley's diatribe is so far from any smidgen of truth and much more insulting and yet McCain gets a free pass to seek his endorsement and nobody pays attention, least of all the MSM. To be fair, the NY Times has run some editorials on the subject of Hagee, Falwell and McCain, but that's all they are - editorials. Am I surprised? No. But I am constantly disappointed and disgusted by our so-called "free press".Check out the Parsley film athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXZbIGJrDkg&eurl=http://bravenewfilms

or response...


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Re: The coming evangelical collaps

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May 5 2009, 2:50 AM 

Pastor Ted Haggard preached violently against homosexuals, yet was found out buying drugs from a gay prostitute on a regular basis - yet alone the other services he used from this particular man.

The collapse of all religion is inevitable. Science has worked out that we came from apes (not Adam and Eve), that the story we we're created in god's image is nothing but infantile nonsense and that human's are not special or loved by the universe. In fact the universe neither knows or cares for our existence. These cold facts plus the advancement of the enlightenment slowly erode the superstition of faith and replace it with the wisdom of science.

The bible, kuran, torah, talmud... are just a collection of infantile fables that are self-serving and come from a time of gross human ignorance.

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