r/f Sterling w/ vert air, most of E1 cocker, cocker parts

by Nathan Wilson

Navy blue gloss, with black 13" brass-lined barrel. Proline model with die-cast metal frame. Includes both original backbottle valve donkey, bottomline hose and adapter, rail, elbow, and grip panels, and some walnut (I think) wraparound grips, Rainman side-tapped valve donkey, extended aluminum rail, and chrome (with light flaking) 'mag VA.

Great shooter, but paint around here is smallbore, and the barrel is around .691. And I've got a Freeflow Boxxer Sniper that's really begging to become my go-to open-class pump.

Asking $200 plus shipping, rather firm. Need a 9" length of macroline, and it's ready to roll, and it will readily accept an inline regulator for velocity adjustment. I've got a red-over-stainless GX-2 reg around that could do nicely...

The E1 is also for sale, but needs a ball detent, backblock and bolt. Seems I have every other cocker part a man could want, though... frontblocks, internals, pneumatics, rods, frames, springs.

Oh, and partial trades: Lapco Microshot/ Picoshot in 12" cocker, gloss black backblock and matching-length cocker bolt, and CCM full-length pumpkit arm (A/T is a bonus).

Posted on Oct 16, 2008, 8:59 AM

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