FS: Phantom, Black Magic, Viking, other stuff

by Anonymous

Hey all,

It's been a LONG time since I've played, and an even LONGER time since I posted here. At this point, it's sad to say my gear is simply taking up room.

Is there any interest in any of the following? I'm not even sure what the going rate is for this stuff, so make an offer if you're interested:

1) black AKA Viking, 2003 or 2004 I think. Going from memory, it has Tadao board, Mighty Max, CCM lowrise, JMJ trigger, sticky grips, eyes, etc. It's in great shape, only 1 mark that I can remember.

2) factory fade green-to-blue Black Magic cocker (never seen another like it). DEZigns bolt, Oracle internals, Jackal Machine chrome grip frame, clamping lowrise, Palmer LPR, matching 14 inch SP AA Freak front, stainless back and all inserts. Flawless condition

3) black CCI Phantom with centerfeed DF body (I think I have the RF DF body somewhere as well), no safety, JnJ Ceramic Barrel, trigger show, vertical ASA adapter w/ Dye foregrip. Some wear marks from use, but nothing significant.

Other misc stuff I have include the following:
CM 5 piece black autococker barrel kit
Halo w/ Z-board
Pre BE Revolution
BE Revolution
Pure Energy 45/4500
Redz pack, belt and tubes
Tool kit (Plano box with tools, spare parts, lubes, oils, etc)
Plenty of other misc stuff I just cannot remember right now

Like I said, just make some offers and we'll go from there. And if anyone wants the whole lot, that would be even sweeter happy.gif

I can get pictures of anything on request -- I'm at work now and finally decided I just need to post this stuff before I forget again happy.gif

Posted on Jan 2, 2009, 7:30 AM

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