Old tippmann barrels & cocker threaded CP kit

by Tracker

havent had much luck on some of the more "popular sites" with this im sure because most people dont usually got to the barrel section looking for tippmann threaded anything. i happen to have a few old Tippmann barrels, these are true "Pro-carbine" threaded barrels

what makes the procarbine barrel special, is because the bolt actually went INSIDE the barrel, so they had to bore out a 1/4" of the inside of the barrel to a larger diameter to allow the bolt clearance

that being said, the tippmann threads are all the same
Factory F/A

they can all use these barrels

10" Dye Stainless size is .689 thinking $40 shipped is about right
[linked image]
a 14" Dye Stainless Size is .690 $40 shipped is about right
[linked image]
a 13.5" ACI millenium Series Stainless barrel (really rare) ive never seen another like it, i know they are out there, but im not sure where.. size is .691 also thinking $40 is about right
[linked image]
A stock Pro-Carbine barrel, that i polished myself with some mothers (a long, long time ago).. better than stock, but still, nothing to write home about size is .692 10.5 long $10 shipped? after shipping ill make about 5 dollars
[linked image]
and lastly a stock A-5 barrel size is .692 8.5" long pay for shipping and its yours
[linked image]

and, because im also selling it, and nothing wrong with trying

for sale, we have an almost Full CP barrel kit
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

its of the newer 2k5 style barrels, the kit contains


also contains the only 2 fronts that really matter, 14" and 16"

whole kit is in excellent condition, no scratches, nicks, dings, rub, or wear of any kind

14 inch tip is almost BRAND new, damaged my old one last july, have played maybe 3 times since i bought it from CP in october, ill even include the old front (had the damage milled off the tip) in case you wanted to manufacture some kind of a ahem rain cover out of it
[linked image]

also included in the asking price is the case, its not the newer 2k7 style smaller case with the higher density foam, but its still better than thier newest case that has no foam at all

asking price is $150 OBO, ive tried finding some of these kits to reference price from, but i cant, this kit would cost you $230 new from CP, so i figure $80 bucks off is fair.. there will be no parting it out.


Posted on May 15, 2010, 8:58 PM

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