Airsoft AEG's for sale

by Renegade_Azzy

Have some airsoft rifles here that I dont much need.

First up is a Star Rainbow G36 AEG, a clone of an HK G36. Has the longer barrel, folding stock, 2 magazines. Will run if you fiddle with it, i had it going for a magazine or 2, but something went wrong and I havent been able to sort it out. To help with that, it will come with a spare set of internals form a P90 I used to have, so you have spares. These are supposed to be great quality guns, not as good as your Tokyo Murai, but better than the cheapo Chinese crap.

As is, no battery, 2 hi cap mags. This is the 2nd gen one with the marking on the sides, which I read is harder to find. $80 OBO
(like this one - SRC/TeamSD G36E Gen II - SRC (Star Rainbow Co.) - AEG Airsoft Rifles - Airsoft Weapons - The War Store)

Next up is a pair of AEG M16's. One is ready to go. Its a standard config A2 stocked M16 setup. Shoots well in semi and FA, good practice item.

The other is a bit more used flat top config that has a licensed Magpul MIAD grip and is setup for M4 stock (not included). It runs, just has no hopup block in which to feed from the magazines. this thing is solid, although it could use some touchup paint or powder coat on the aluminum bodies.

From the 2 you could build and test your configuration for practice in your basement. All the controls work like the real thing, from the mag release to the charging handle (which moves to adjust hopup).

Selling both together, with 2 "30rd" magazines, a battery pack and charger. Asking $150, not willing to part out.

Can meet in the Pittsburgh area. Will ship. Wont do international on these, sorry.

Can get pictures up soon.

Posted on Dec 15, 2010, 9:17 AM

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