sell never used balcrank handwheel 6" diameter aluminum & fold-away revolving handle

by pa

Have 4 new never used balcrank handwheels. still in bags.
Disco-Matic aluminum handwheels; 6" diameter, 3/4" un-threaded thru hole, Fold-Away aluminum

Revolving Handle, 3 1/4" handle length, 1" hub height. 13 55 7

Disco-Matic Handwheels:

* Smooth, spokeless web with no hazardous openings
* Finger-grip rim design for minimum slippage
* Strong finish for good gripping surface & pleasant feel
* Dished design for more distance between rim & possible machine cabinet pinch-points
* Optional revolving handle folds away automatically when not in use
* Material Spec: Cast 319 aluminum; red or black enamel

Fold-Away Handles for Disc-O-Matic Handwheels:

* Material Spec: 6262-T9 aluminum bar stock; polished

Pictures available.

75$ each

st pete/tampa florida

for faster response, email ALLPAULCLA at gmail dots com

Posted on Mar 5, 2011, 4:38 PM

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