Automag Barrel Adapters back in stock!

by Doc Nickel

After a short delay, I have a fresh pipin' hot batch of Automag-to-Autococker-barrel adapters in stock. These, of course, let you use much more common 'Cocker thread barrels in your twist-lock Automag, MiniMag, R/T, EMag or even a Sydarm. They fit all stainless-body 'Mags, right or left side feed, powerfeed or plain, and even centerfeed.

Drop-in, no gunsmithing or mods, go back to using the twistlock at any time. Stainless steel and lifetime guaranteed.

$40 each and Priority Mail anywhere in the US will be $6. Outside the US, email for a quote.


Posted on Feb 29, 2012, 10:45 AM

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