Offroad apparel by Azzy's Customs

by Renegade_Azzy


Yep, We know we got a bit of ADD going on. Comes from staring at a computer and design software all day. So, thought that the best thing to do with some of the designs that were floating around was to pt them together onto clothing.

Next issue was how to get them to the buyer... and being that we have a multitude of funny t-shirts already flowing to the house, I asked Mrs Azzy where they all come from.

Redbubble was the answer.

So here we are. :thumbsup:

New designs to be going up as soon as they come. No need to PM me, but I would be thankful for passing the word along and liking us via the facebook and other buttons on the site happy.gif

First up.. No Obstacle shirts:

[linked image]

You get it. The trail is harsh. That last rock ate your fenders, your skid barely hangs on after some mud pit tried to pull you down into the earth, and the sun is beating down with your rad begging to explode. The sum total of a months work is twisted, scratched, and busted in more places than should be possible.

Youre dirty, low on gas, and could use a drink but you made it through. And your coming back next week. Oh yes it will happen. Because you make it happen.

Best of all... [linked image]

Posted on Apr 9, 2012, 9:46 PM

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