Thining the collection...still. 56k beware

by Evil Monkey

So lets try this selling my collection of paintball guns thing again...

Disclaimer: Make me a FAIR offer. The more stuff you buy, the better a deal I'm likely to give you. I'd prefer if buyer pays shipping, but that is negotiable. PAYPAL ONLY. I ship ONLY AFTER I have recieved the money. Any questions? max.umsb at is my email address.

Pics can be seen here (as I am too dumb to figure out how to post them directly right now):

Dye DM6, Dust Olive, pretty much BONE STOCK. Comes with 16" UL barrel in Gloss Black.

Shocktech Aftershock Team Series Cocker with MQ Valve!!! Has Eclipse Front End, AKA Clamping Feed Neck, Shocktech Feed Neck, E2 Frame. Comes with all internals that came out when the MQ went in.

ICD B2K Bushmaster. Green, X milled. Has B2K4 frame with HaveBlue's DV8 LCD Board. This was the only install he did of these. Also equipped with Madman Rocket Valve, Lapco Vert reg adapter, AKA SCM lpr, Shocktech Supafly bolt, ER Clamping Feed Neck, Macdev Delrin Ball Detent. HaveBlue also polished up the ram and may have worked some other magic in it...neither of us remember at this point. Also comes with the stock bolt, frame, lpr, vert reg. Also comes with a large pile o' Barrels. Not pictured is a Evil Pipe Kit, with Green Ultra tip (16" total length I believe)

Smart Parts SFT Shocker. First generation, Gold. Gun has an Evil Ghetto board with Break Beam Eyes, sourced and installed by Evil Skinny of Evil/PMI. Also has ER Clamping Feed Neck, Evolve Ultra Low Pressure Bolt Kit, Evil LPR. Needs one repair done to a solenoid wire, where I accidently pulled the wire out of a connector...oops. Also comes with the Smart Parts HE bolt Kit, and another version of Evolve Bolt kit, and about two guns worth of Orings. Has MATCHING Evil Pipe Kit, with Gold Tip. Also has Stock 2-piece AA Barrel, with Evil logo laser engraved into the tip.

Matrixi (plural) I have three. One is a Dye, one is very Pre-Dye (serial number under 2000) and the third is an unknown brand with custom milling.

First the Dye: DM3, Dust Blue, Has Lucky board with Unknown Chip, AKA SCM Lpr, Evolve Gold Bolt, AKA? No-Rise Clamping Neck.

Next, Pre-Dye, Gloss Black, Gun 20 Chip, serial number is BELOW 2000. I don't know much about this one. I did gas it up years ago, and it DID shoot.

Lastly, Unknown. Gloss red, has Aardvark looking milling. I do NOT KNOW if it is an Aardvark, or somebody's copy of it. I do have all the pieces including the plastic window for the cutout in the body. Window is Cracked and DOES Leak. This will need to be replaced.

Going with the matrixi, I have roughly two complete bolt kits, along with several o-ring kits/spares kits, as seen in the picture. Also comes with two extra back plates and an extra breech.

WDP/Warped Sports Dark Speed Demon Angel...what a long name... Dust grey, has a 45 frame on it, lucky board, unknown chip. Has Evolve Newton Lite Valve, AKA SCM Lpr, Several Bolts, unknown feed neck, Volumizer. Comes with stock valve, lpr, reg, frame. Does NOT come with original board.

Also available, but not pictured:

Shoebox Shocker PowerFeed, Glacier Board, "Custom" milling, has leak at one of the noids.

CYP Nemesis, Dust White/Black Limited Edition, has Evil LPR, rammer and bolt. I may also have a shocktech bolt for this. Comes with all stock parts, and case. May also come with programming cable and disc...if I can find it. Gun and most of the parts are in HaveBlue's possesion.

Also, also available...and pictured. HPA Tanks, Halo Hoppers. Green Halo has Angry board, Shocktech Aluminum Drive Cone and Rip Drive, and Modified Crown. Smoke has Victory Board and Magnetic lid.

I also have 2 Evil Scion HPA tanks. One 68, one 45. All tanks are OUT OF HYDRO, but have no visible external damage.

I may other stuff to sell, but this is what I found so far. Again, if you have any questions, just ask...

Posted on Jul 2, 2012, 8:50 AM

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