sheridan-pmi stroker parts and info

by steve

i have recently aquired a sheridan-pmi (I or II) LB with minimal parts, and i would love to eventually ge it back to working condition, and possibly re-create doc's electro-stroker in my own style.

what parts i have:
body possibly already been "stroked", lower internals(brass piece with a square indent with pin in the center), bolt, spacer ring?, rear plug for lower tube with set screw in center, humpfrey noid, a black plug-like thing that kinda looks like a jelly fish, a washer with a hole big enough for the pin in center of brass piece, what would appear to be a rivit that had paint on it, a set screw that fits a threaded hole in the bottom of the body which you can see brass in, a screw with a phillips head (+) that fits another threaded hole in the bottom of the body, a pin of some sort, and a screw that threads into the bolt

any help would be greatly appreciated,

Posted on Jul 12, 2012, 4:15 PM

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