Blazer Freak Backs!

by Doc Nickel

Yep, real Blazer Freak-compatible Flashbacks! But with an asterisk.

[linked image]

After posting about some custom Freak backs a couple months ago, I received a surprising number of requests for Blazer-compatible backs. They're certainly possible, of course, but the walls get very thin on the portion where it slides into the body.

Several people said "I want it anyway, I'll be very careful with it", so I would make them by request.

I had to make a few more recently, and I have a few extras. They're 100% Freak compatible, and should take any Freak insert and any Freak tip. The ones I have on hand fit 2K-up Blazers, but I'll make 1K compatible backs by request.

BUT BE WARNED: The back end of these barrels are very thin, only a little bit thicker than the Freak insert itself. If you're a bunker-diver or otherwise hard on your marker, this is probably not the barrel for you. I offer no warranty at all on these, unless it turns out to not fit your marker for some reason, upon delivery.

It's not "paper" thin, but it IS thin enough you need to be fairly careful with it.

You drop it and bend it, you trip over a bunker and tentpeg it, you leave it at the bottom of your gearbag and plunk a steel tank on it, I'm not replacing it. I recommend storing them in a hard tube when not in use, and/or keeping an insert in it- better yet, a stainless insert.

If you're willing to accept the risk, I'm asking $55 each, shipped in the US, for a "Flashback" Freak-compatible barrel back for a Blazer, as shown above. (Yes, I can do Canadian and overseas orders too- just PM or email for a quote.)


Posted on Jun 24, 2015, 1:59 AM

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