Autococker 'Flattop' front-block bolts!

by Doc Nickel

Invoking a little executive privilege to post a 'for sale' here on the main page. happy.gif

Just finished up another* run of my World-Famous "Flattop" bolts for Autococker front blocks!

[linked image]

Often copied** but never equalled. happy.gif Because mine is not just "thin" or "low profile"- it's actually completely flush with the face of the front block!***

[linked image]

Machined from 304 stainless steel and polished to a high shine by our cadre of trained Ecuadorian Buffer Monkeys****, they are, like nearly all products of Doc's Machine, not only extremely cool but also warranted for life.*****

[linked image]

They're $19 each, or $21 shipped, anywhere in the US. (Canadian and overseas will be a bit more.) Supplies are not limited- just PayPal me at and I'll load one into the Postal Cannon****** and fire it your way! happy.gif


*I've been manufacturing these since at least 2003.

**Near as I can tell, I was the first to make a low profile bolt- when I first developed these, back in the day, bigger was better, with almost all the aftermarket bolts at the time having "volumizer" style extensions. Since then, several manufacturers have made their version of "low profile" bolts, but none are as low as mine. happy.gif

***Besides looking cool, for that smidgen of extra clearance you sometimes need for "mini" rams and QEVs.

****This is not actually true. (They're Bolivian.)

*****My life, that is. After I'm gone, all bets are off. happy.gif

******Such a thing does not actually exist. But it should. happy.gif

Posted on Jul 13, 2015, 2:07 AM

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