Industrial shop tool balancers, electric screwdriver, soldering stations

by Hans Haase

A few good things came home with me the other day from a local auction, but more than I actually need. You guys might be interested though. I'll leave it all here for a week before slapping it on E-bay

Pace Soldering Stations.
2x MBT201/PPS80 base units, just the bases with no irons.
Tested to power irons, I don't have anything right now to test the air pumps.
$30 each + shipping
(I have another 2 on e-bay already, for 4 total).

Aeromotive RB-4 tool balancers x2
Martin model 40 tool balancers x3
Nasco 1018 tool balancers x3
$15 each + shipping, any model.

ASG/HIOS electric screwdriver
I believe it's a CL6500PS, with PS-55 power unit.
$100 for both. (New, this is an $850 screwdriver and a $200 power unit)
Don't know an awful lot about it.

If you're outside the US, these things are kinda heavy, so shipping may be a killer.

Posted on Feb 6, 2016, 3:56 PM

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