For sale, Printrbot Simple XL 3D printer + heated bed and extras

by Renegade_Azzy

Ive got a printrbot XL here, which is the upgrade for the printrbot simple, gives it 2" more Y axis and about 5 more on the Z. I haven't had time to play, even after I got a heated bed for it a while back. that and one of the projects I am collaborating on is getting me a Mendel to use here in my shop.

I have the printrbot, a slim ATX power supply, a spool or 2 of filament. It needs calibrated for the feed, and the feed head might need adjustment, its been over a year and a half since I fired this thing up. The heated bed was never installed after I got it (and no power supply) from an indegogo campaign. So far, about $400 into it. Should even have the files around so it can be converted back to stock, using 5mm birch.

Photos later, Ive got them on the other comp.

Asking $300obo. Shipping anywhere, I should be able to cram it in a decent box for about $30 in priority mail (for the US). No paintball trades. Daddy needs a suppressor. Or a paid off credit card.

Posted on Feb 19, 2016, 8:41 PM

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