Poster Clearance Sale!

by Doc Nickel

Longtime Guilders may recall my fancy-dancy Paintball posters from several years ago. First there was the original X-Ray marker set:

[linked image]

And then there was the "Motivational" style paintball set:

[linked image]

I have been selling these for ten years now, but sales of them have slowed I still have literally thousands left. I need the space for other things (both product and machinery) so I'm fire-saling them out! A set of four (in either style) for just $10, shipped!

Now, I have to be a little strict about it. No picking-and-choosing, no four-of-one-print, etc. One set of the X-Ray posters, or one set of the Paintball posters, ten bucks, straight up.

I will be happy to sell you multiple batches or multiples of one print, but that won't include shipping. The "shipping included" price only covers four prints in one tube- any more than that and it goes over the First Class rate and into Priority rates- which, actually, is just $4 more per tube. Also, this deal is US only. I'll be happy to accommodate anyone outside the US, but of course shipping will be a bit more- email for details.

I have thousands left, and several hundred tubes on hand, so no worries about availability. I have several dozen already tubed and ready to slap a label on, so if you're interested, PayPal $10 to with a note saying which set you want, and I'll fire one your way ASAP!

And as always, thank you!

Posted on Mar 15, 2016, 6:20 PM

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