Doc's New Ultralight, Ultrashort "Tanto" 1-Piece Freak barrel!

by Doc Nickel

Update! This is now officially known as the Tanto Barrel!

Hot off the press, I now have a large supply of my latest piece, a very light and very compact one-piece Freak-insert barrel:

[linked image]

It's just 8-3/4" long, WGP/'Cocker threaded, takes any Smart-Parts/GOG/SP Freak insert, and weighs just 65 grams.

[linked image]

They're in stock and available now for just $28 each plus shipping. (Polished aluminum at the moment, black anno is coming soon!)

Please email me at [email][/email] to order. Shipping inside the US will be just $6.50 for a total of $34.50. To speed things up a bit, you can just email me your PayPal address and I'll send you a payment request for the total.

Thank you!

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Posted on Jan 23, 2017, 4:53 PM

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