Parts - PPS, CCI, PTP, Lapco, PBMafia, and more

by MrBig

I have some random parts sitting around that I don't use. Many of these parts are new or in great condition. I did my best to describe the parts.
Many of the prices are best offer, so please feel free to offer up.

[B]Only[/B] Trades:
CP direct mount on/off ASA in black
PPS 105* ASA
black 22/3000
CCM T2 standard 45 frame in black or silver

PPS Male Stabilizer $70 shipped or best offer
I barely ever used this. I bought it years ago. Most of the time it sat in a tote. It did pick up a couple small scratches from the tote time. I have a picture of the scratches.
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]

ASA drop $18 shipped or best offer [B]SOLD[/B]
Tippmann 98 one-piece vertical ASA adapter $18 shipped or best offer
Both work, but well used
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]

Lapco Drop ASA $25 shipped or best offer
This has some scratches as seen in the picture
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]

Pro-Team Products Intruder ASA $30 shipped or best offer
This is used, but does not show a lot of wear. This allows you to screw your tank into this front foregrip to make a small tight set-up.
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]

CCI Phantom Freak bored 11" barrels $28 shipped each
These are new. Never used in a game. I sent these to get bored and found two freak backs while waiting for them to be returned.
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]

CCI Adjustable T-stock in silver $35 shipped or best offer
Used. Slight scratches that don't show due to clear anno. This is made for a Phantom, but I used it on a pump Cocker.
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]

PBMafia The Don pack in custom tigerstripe pattern $50 shipped
I had to have this custom made. I sent Rich the material and he made this pack for me along with two 5/50 packs. This pack has NEVER been used. Brand New, but almost 3 years old. Holds 4 50 round pods (or 2 larger ones), plus a squeegee.
[URL=" alt="[linked image]">[/IMG][/URL]

I will be adding two more random parts, but I need to find out what they are first.

Posted on Feb 10, 2017, 10:25 PM

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