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  • Lots of Tanks and masks, plus misc. parts, hoppers, etc.

    • Posted Oct 23, 2009 10:38 AM

      At this point, I only play once or twice a year, so it is finally time to get rid of everything except my bare essentials. Thus the sale to clear out my basement. I tried to group lots of stuff sensibly. Very strong preference to sell lots as a whole. A couple things to note:

      1) Prices on tanks do not include shipping (from 48103). Prices on all other items are marked "shipped." Where buying multiple "shipped" items saves on shipping, I will lower the price accordingly.

      2) Buying priority goes to first person to say "I'll buy it." Initial inquiries on an item or shipping costs won't hold the spot. I think this is fairest to everyone involved.

      3) Paypal preferred.

      4) I am open to reasonable offers, especially on multiple items, though I attempted to set fair, low prices to begin with - let me know if I failed. Not open to haggling over a dollar or two for the sake of haggling.

      5) If you would like a specific picture of something, let me know and I will try to be helpful. I want you to know what you're buying.

      Part I - Air Stuff

      HPA Tanks
      [linked image]

      Brand New WGP 50 ci 3000psi tank. Original box/manual Never filled. 1-07 $50

      Old Crossfire ~50 ci 3000psi tank (12-98). Appears in good shape and comes with cheap rubber cover. I got it used and never used it. #1 in picture below. $25

      CO2 tanks. Most are in good shape, with some having cosmetic wear. Hydro dates are generally old, but some I believe are small enough diameter not to require re-testing. Tanks will ship empty I believe all held air before being emptied and stored, unless otherwise noted. My memory is not perfect, but I honestly describe everything.

      [linked image]
      [linked image]

      1. Old Crossfire ~50 ci 3000psi tank (12-98) (see above)

      2. 9 oz steel tank. Shows cosmetic wear. 8-98. $6
      3. 9 oz steel tank. Some wear, but pretty good shape. 5-98. $7
      4. 9 oz chromoly tank. Pretty good shape. 3-01. $8
      5. 20 oz. aluminum tank. Cosmetic wear. 3-96. $5
      6. 9 oz. aluminum tank. Short/stout. Painted silver. $5
      7. 7 oz aluminum tank with buttplate. Great shape. 9-89. $11
      8. 7 oz aluminum tank. Great shape. 5-90. $10
      9. 7 oz aluminum tank. With buttplate. Odd slotted burst disc and Cooper-T extender or something screwed onto the valve. I do not know if this holds air. 1-88. $8

      10. 12 oz steel siphon tank. 4-97. Shows wear, wrapped in tape. $6
      11. 12 oz steel tank. 8-98. Pretty good cosmetic shape. No burst disc. I do not know if this holds air. $5

      12. 4 oz steel tank. 4-99. Pretty good shape. $12
      13.3.5 oz aluminum tank. Bare. Shallow dremel marks obscure hydro date. Aftermarket (?) valve with threaded holes on either side and no burst disc and no pin. Comes with a threaded cap on top. I dont know exactly how this was originally used and I do not know if it holds air. $6

      14. SOLD
      15. 3.5 oz aluminum tank. 8-89. Good shape. $13
      16. 20 oz aluminum tank. 2-00. Pretty good shape. $6
      17. 20 oz aluminum tank with Thermovalve. 11-91. Great shape. $10
      18. 20 oz aluminum tank with Thermovalve. 11-91. Great shape. $10
      19. 12 oz aluminum tank. 5-00. Great shape. $7.
      20. 9 oz steel tank. 8-99. Shows some cosmetic wear. $6

      Air Accessories

      12g changers
      [linked image]

      12 gram bucket changers/adapters. One black, one silver. $13 apiece, shipped.

      Air Fittings Lot
      [linked image]

      A few hoses, 3 bottomline ASAs, 2 ASA-hose adapters, misc quick disconnect halves, 3 new green elbow fittings, gas-thru foregrip, Benchmark pin depressing ASA off a remote line, maybe 50 nitrile tank o-rings, 30+ urethane tank o-rings, and what appears to be a 12 gram piercer. $25 shipped for the lot.

      Part II - Masks and General Accessories

      [linked image]

      I believe I originally purchased most of them used, but replaced the lenses in most. These masks have received very little use over the past several years and really during the whole time I've owned them. I have removed and discarded the clearly bad lenses, but cannot endorse the lenses included. I estimate their age at 7 years. Masks were well-taken care of and in good shape overall. I would like to sell the lot as a whole and I will throw in a new (but old) thermal tinted JT X-fire lens and a lightly used (but old) thermal JT Spectra lens. $70 shipped.

      Otherwise, individual prices as follows:
      (2) PMI-1 masks without lenses. Black. Takes JT X-fire lenses. $10 apiece shipped.
      (2) JT Spectra masks without lenses. Green. $15 apiece shipped.
      JT Spectra mask. Black. Tinted thermal lens. $18 shipped.
      JT Spectra mask. Soft foam side panels. Clear lens. $18 shipped.
      JT X-fire mask. Green. No lens. $10 shipped.

      Misc. Softgoods.
      [linked image]

      Nasty Boys cocky paintball player neck protector. Camo 12g pouch. Bandolier for 12 grams and tubes. $12 shipped.

      [linked image]
      WGP ammo box, generic 40 round hopper and VL90/VL100. Good condition. VL90 has one hinge chipped off and one in good shape. $20 shipped.

      Barrel Plug lot.
      [linked image]

      16 plugs. 3 aluminum and remainder plastic. Black plastic plug is a Nasty Boys Ball Buster. $12 shipped.

      Part III - Parts

      Sniper II Pump Kit rods

      [linked image]

      Autococker pre-2k Sniper II pump kit rods. Pump rod and front screw. No pump handle. Custom made, I believe (not factory). $12 shipped.

      O-rings - Montneel?

      [linked image]

      I believe these are Montneel Z-1 bolt o-rings. 8 of them. $5 shipped.

      Nelson parts lot.
      [linked image]

      This stuff was in a box with some Line SI bushmaster stuff I had, though I am not positive the brand/compatibility here. Various springs, a power tube, a valve body ASA, an odd extended valve body ASA, an adapter of some sort with part of a quick disconnect on it, another adapter with Quick Draw II engraved on it, and what looks like a pump handle screw and a broken thumb screw. Pretty good shape in general. $15 shipped.
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