One Player's junk is another Player's Treasure!
All paintball-related items are welcome. Please indicate in the Subject Line, whether the item is
"FS" (for sale) "FT" (for trade) "W" or "WTB" (wanted, or wanted to buy.)
Please do not add 'fluff' to the subject line- like "@@@@@@" and so on. Posts doing so will be removed.
Posters calling their item "pimped", "sweet" or "tricked",
or using more than one exclamation point, will be hauled out back and shot.
We're always looking for "tinker's junk", so feel free to list individual items like 'Cocker rams,
old grip frames, electronic tidbits, and whatever else somebody might use.
Please keep the language civil, and treat other posters as you'd like to be treated yourself.
Any postings we deem offensive, irrelevant, insipid or inflammatory will be removed.

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