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I'm not an electrician or engineer but I have been interested in Tesla's concepts including the car for many years now, especially since the start of the internet revolution in 1994. I'm probably an expert in forums and discussions more than anything-- and so I created this particular "threaded forum" to help the conversation about Tesla's car along. The "outline format" below includes a "pop-to-the-top" thread device so that the latest threads appear at the top. You'll see what I mean as you post.

I was inspired to help the conversation flow along at [Apparently Apparel] where a nice little article with nice illustrations appeared today explaining more about Tesla's car. This article is one of the better ones I've seen lately. The comments are mostly valid but there is a disconnect between the commenters and the wider context that calls for a moderator/host to follow up. That's where I come it. You'll see how it works as it moves along.

The original link to the article was at [ConspiracyCulture] which was linked from the Twitter feed at [Henry Makow]

As for me, I'm a piano teacher / player / salesman who started out thinking I'd be a physicist at U of Waterloo in 1976 to solve the "energy crisis". That didn't work out so good, but the piano playing is doing fine. I cover a lot of topics at my own blog. [Rick Potvin]

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