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Parting out 1969 Chris Craft 46" aquahome

April 27 2014 at 12:03 PM
Savannah  (Login savannahjae)

I am parting out a 1969 Chris Craft 46" aquahome. I have all of the original interior parts as well exterior. Shipping on some parts is negotiable due to size. I have can send or post pictures of specific parts or items anyone is interested in. I grew up on this house boat but its not realistic for me to keep it anymore. The shell of the home is also for sale to anyone who would be interested but the motors and a lot of the interior pieces have been removed. If anyone were to be interested in the shell of the aqua home it is defiantly a rebuild project!!!! In the case that any one is interested in the whole thing and the original parts that are left, that is an option as well! the craft does not have a salvage tittle.
Thank You All For Your Time!
please no emails not related to this post!

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michael young
(no login)


July 7 2014, 3:13 PM 

Hi, do you have any of the stanchions for sale? my email is Thanks. Michael

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