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1970 Lancer Premiere/ Custom Super Sport $12,900.00

October 31 2016 at 4:05 PM
Bryan  (Login Sharkblue)

I have come to realize I just don't have time to use this boat and would like for it to go to a good home.

Here is a little info on my Lancer.

Hull No. 3 of 25 built and retains the 427 showing 272 hours. This Lancer was purchased new by James Leake. The founder of Leake Classic Auto Auctions and remained on Grand Lake in Oklahoma all it's life. I do have the hull card from the Mariners Museum which I will include in the photos.

She was winterized about 3 years ago by the marina. I have not had it started up yet but has good compression. I am waiting on the Petronix parts to arrive including new coil, cap, rotor and plug wires. The spark was too weak to fire her up so I decided to order the upgrade instead of replacing the points. I am planning to install the components and have it fired up by this weekend. Original carburetor was rebuilt by a member of the forum and looks like new. I also ordered and installed a complete set of hoses including the sea water pick up hose from Henkel. The boat was repainted in the last ten years the original color. It looks decent but not perfect and the rub rail replaced but not with the correct type but an easy fix. Upholstery is in very good shape for being original with a small tear in the rubber floor covering which is still available. I believe the docking lights were added in the early 70's as they are period correct and I think look nice on it. Also includes a new full cover.

Trailer is a 2007 Prestige with less than 800 towing miles on it. We modified it to fit the boat and it tows great. Re-packed all bearings and added bearing buddies to the axles. There are less than 50 miles on them.

I hate to sell it but continuing to pay for inside storage with no time to use it doesn't make sense. If you would like additional photos please let me know.

This is a great opportunity to own a rare boat and only one of the two that I know of to retain it's 427.

Has a clear Title in my name with registration up to date until 2018. Trailers are not Titled in Oklahoma but I have the MSO for it.

Feel free to contact me at 314-348-4990

photo 20160617_182748_zpssxg0ypuv.jpg
photo 20160924_183730_zpssvl2ea5o.jpg
photo 20160924_161123_zpsj7riplny.jpg
photo 20160617_182808_zpsmiyj1vq5.jpg
photo 20160924_184202_zpsrcf2qh8e.jpg
photo 20160924_183911_zpslxa9simk.jpg
photo 20160924_184007_zpsisdkgsld.jpg
photo 20160924_183950_zpst7zg0skb.jpg
photo 20160924_161058_zpsxlqso8wy.jpg
photo 20160924_161016_zpsbwpcnnr6.jpg
photo 20160924_184651_zps6c6vxend.jpg
photo Lancer Hull Card_zpsksllusfi.jpg
photo Lancer Spec Sheet_zps3c3f1mtm.jpg

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Bimini Top

November 2 2016, 10:20 PM 

I forgot to mention it does have a white bimini top and boot that goes with it as well.

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(Login rancheroxl)

Paint question

November 3 2016, 11:12 PM 

Stunning boat! Do you know how much was repainted?
Deck? Cockpit? Hull?
Thanks, Craig
You are what you drive.

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November 4 2016, 10:30 PM 


I believe hull, deck and at least the dash. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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November 6 2016, 3:38 PM 

Hi Bryan,

could you supply email or contact me please

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November 6 2016, 6:15 PM 


Please contact me at 314-348-4990.


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She's Alive!

November 6 2016, 6:14 PM 

Changed out the points to the petronix along with new cap, rotor & wires. Although the wire kit Sierra 18-88421 had extremely long wires and the coil wire not near long enough. My coil bracket looks to be in the factory position.

Anyway after changing out the electronics I couldn't get the fuel pump to prime even after running for a bit so I will assume the fuel pump needs rebuilt.

On the upside she sounds amazing with no smoke or leaks of any kind. The carb choke needs a little adjusting and she never became warm.

Without any further adieu here is the video;

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November 30 2016, 8:15 AM 

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