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SCP Management

August 7 2012 at 3:08 PM
Lotta Nonsense 

Is the usual management team away on holiday?

In the last few days, it seems editorial decisions are being taken with all the wisdom of a jelly baby by either the office junior or the cleaning lady.

For example, when I posted the following pic, it was promptly removed on the grounds that it contravened Network 54's policy on nudity:

[linked image]

Yes, they're nudists but they might be standing behind a bus for all the naughty bits they're showing. If Network 54 object to that pic, I'm one of Doctor Dominum's sock puppets!

And why, if I might be so bold, is SCP management suddenly so terrified of offending Dirty Dom and Geriatric George?

Would anyone like to hazard a guess?

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Re: SCP Management

August 7 2012, 6:45 PM 

Things have changed with the management since you last posted.

Another_Lurker is clearly part of it. He tends to operate later in the day and at weekends.

People who they don't want posting or who they perceive as not toeing the party line just don't get posted, and don't even get the courtesy of an explanation.

You have served your purpose in going full tilt at Dominium and allowing him to post in response. Don't forget even THEY cannot pretend his fantasy school will escape the 2013 legislation regarding registration of schools, so anything that allows him to keep posting is fine by them.

If you can't see their agenda is just as disgusting as his, you must be blind, which I am sure you of all people are not. The management has enough intelligence to know what 'ticks the boxes' for most of its' current audience, and that's how insiduous paedo fantasies grow, rather like cancer.

Can you, looking back, seriously believe the sort of people who posted there 5 or 6 years ago wouldn't have sussed Adam out as a Dominium clone or wouldn't have bombarded the then-management with requests not to put that sort of sick drivel up ever again or wouldn't have threatened Adam with a good kicking?

I sometimes wish I'd done that more, instead of trying to convince others he was a fake and a danger, but I'd probably have been shot out earlier than I was.


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Your Australian Correspondent

On the other hand....There's a Foot.

August 7 2012, 7:54 PM 

I wonder if they weren't always perverted in that management circle.

For reasons unknown,this thread has just been revived after 10 years. Just look, however, at the contributions therein from Dominium and George in 2002.


Spot the paedo?

No, try again!

Dead Nelly

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Lotta Nonsense

Re: On the other hand....There's a Foot.

August 7 2012, 8:44 PM 

I wonder if Noncewatch are still active?

They took an interest in George a few years ago and were even able to have his 'Boys Bare Bottoms and Pants' group closed down by Yahoo.

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The Apache Kid

Re: On the other hand....There's a Foot.

August 7 2012, 9:13 PM 

I got chucked of SCP 54 simply because after only a few weeks on the forum I implied that Dr Dominum was no more a Doctor or Headmaster than I was an Apache indian and wore feathers.

The trick with being allowed to post on SCP 54,the most manipulated Forum on the Net, is not to under any circumstances dispute,challenge or ridicule Dr Dominum/Mrs Beale-Buss/Redlands Headmistress/Simon Greenwood/and any ammount of other by products of Dr Dominum the ultimate fantasist and protected super star of Network 54 without whom there would be no Scp 54 which on consideration would be no bad thing anyway.A haven for paedos and perverts if ever there was with some self opinionated so called mountaineer at the haed of them all who's speciality was welcoming new posters onto the Forum with one hand then screaming out for the management to ban him/her for life if they did'nt agree with every word he said-or at least applaud it..

But even so,the did give me THREE Threads...

The question is of course.Why?

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Lotta Nonsense

Re: On the other hand....There's a Foot.

August 7 2012, 9:22 PM 

It's a mystery.

For a while, the management team seemed to be very normal people with a genuine dislike of perverts who preyed on children, real or imaginary.

Then, after a while, it seemed to me that paedophiles had taken over the forum - and I left.

Having returned after a few years, it seems the old place is still overrun with paedophiles.

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The Apache Kid

Re: On the other hand....There's a Foot.

August 8 2012, 6:26 PM 


You were my hero,always were and always will be and if only SCP 54 had allowed me the same freedom of speech as they did/do your own good self then I reckon I would have had Dominum hung drawn and quartered and fed to the crows by now.

But as a kind of last farewell they did unload Bare Bottom George onto me for a while as if I was the only one who could relate to him!

Then they cottoned on to what I was doing-drawing him out as I did with Dominum so out on my arse I went!

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Re: On the other hand....There's a Foot.

March 14 2014, 3:34 AM 

Not only have the nonces taken over the management of SCP 54,but they appear to be intent on banning those who refer to real abuse and abhor paedophilia.

One of the only real academics on the site has not only been apparently 'banned' but now fragrantly 'outed'(name and address) on two separate occasions on their board. At least three other contributors have been apparently banned, and another long time contributor 'outed' today as well.

Add to that the banned individuals who have posted here and one has to ask is 54SCP a discussion forum about school corporal punishment any more or a fantasy recruiting ground for sadists and paedophiles. This is particularly true when one adds into the mix the fact that the demonic headmaster Dr Dominum chooses this very time to start his postings again. Hands up if you think that was an accident !

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