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ScTMKRMmXnBradley on Aug 11
Mame and jukebox frontendskarilla on Jun 7
MAMEWorld timed out???FairPlay137 on Nov 9
 Never mind!!!FairPlay137 on Nov 9
TAITO Bust A Move (U.S) / Puzzle Bobble 2 (U.S)Thanx In Advance on Feb 3
IS THIS PLACE DEAD?anarchy on Nov 28
No MAWS!!!!vynncent on Dec 22
Roms!Eric on Dec 19
Need Mame Expert HelpJoe on Aug 18
 chima okechukwuchima okechukwu on Oct 19
Arcadeos cant load gamelistNauman on Feb 16
Does anyone know how to download MAME roms all at once?Adam Rocky on Oct 8
 Mame romsBill Gates on Jan 13
 Re: Does anyone know how to download MAME roms all at once?Anonymous on Mar 12
mame component out questionCurtis on Jul 21
Versions of MameMike Mitchell on Jul 9
sound echo on mameMarcelo on Dec 6
Ozric Tentacles, new cdshawn on Feb 25
Ozric Tentacles, new cdshawn on Feb 25
cant get sound workingjeffbec on Sep 21
 Fux meRocLobsta on May 9
GR8nsomniac_351 on Aug 22
GR8nsomniac_351 on Aug 22
Mame .63 killer instinctShane G Puffer on Jan 15
 LOL 3 years after we stopped using this board, someone posts a message, lolRocLobsta on Mar 8
 Re: Mame .63 killer instinctgeorge huffman on Jul 29
  Re: Re: Mame .63 killer instinctAnonymous on Sep 5
sound problem?theripper2000 on Jul 19
Any Playchoice Info?Brian on Jul 17
mame for windows mekidspawn on Apr 30
Need help finding willow!!adrian on Mar 18
 i found itCrazy joe on Nov 5
My ICQ ...UHSA@2K INC on Jan 23
I need ....UHSA@2K INC on Jan 23
 chima okechukwuchima okechukwu on Oct 19
NEW MAME TESTERS BOARD ONLINE!!!! Please use instead!RocLobsta on Dec 8 on Dec 8
  avzSiPJWbRZUwGfUJosh on May 24
  SvPtHnVmClarkKent on May 26
  LBsQTthtRimma on May 27
  fHHaHCVleZDVanDenn on Jun 1
   WHUtUELwpoQtwTRvqodezvount on Sep 11
  APPvgNSZjdBwEGartman6 on Jun 1
   OPHOhxYAeckwvamrvyqlklg on Jul 6
   deQAUwXIrHoquZbfwkmjaesgvr on Jul 10
   fWwJsshvRwfoajlhnzlb on Sep 11
  MtYmWdXtDWJxuhcXlqRJosh on Jun 2
  EXcTggFXhVumIssGClarkKent on Jun 7
  uMERppCFccvouixvx on Jun 20
  UYIttLlpOlivia on Sep 12
  qkcwlkwxwlMbClara03 on Sep 20
  yrQSDbOiEWrUCUeSail7T on Sep 24
  IxUOrwGiYYDDFLRNLMaria16 on Oct 9
  RFDgBMSDMaria16 on Oct 15
  GSuXataSPGdupHbpkvpSail7T on Oct 26
  LUhkRkHqTYRRSmith on Oct 30
  zhDdJqhUcUiRWrQVVoClara03 on Nov 8
  tojJyBFYgWnyQQAqValentine on Nov 9
  fxxzuanHLgoyfmfcTSmith on Nov 14
bugs?gmb on Dec 8
That "Block Block" bug againFrotz on Dec 8
Got verified reports up to here. Cheers {nt}Shifty on Dec 8
Phoenix audio issueGolden Ears on Dec 8
 yesgalagaBootLeg on Jul 11
Now that pacnpal priorities are fixed, superpac seems wrong (more)The Dog on Dec 8
MAMElang32+37b10 (MIDAS11.DLL) missingjroc on Dec 8
 MameLang DLL's are in a separate zipoNyX on Dec 8
small screen in mamaStinger on Dec 8
 BLToNyX on Dec 8
  Direct X OptionsStinger on Dec 8
Splash brokenFrotz on Dec 7
USB GamePadProJROC on Dec 7
 USB? not in DOSoNyX on Dec 7
  Mappingjroc on Dec 8
   Depends on your driversoNyX on Dec 8
What is the best affordable PCI video card w/S-Video out?MrArcade on Dec 7
 PricewatchCheck out on Dec 7
More Ninjaw issues? [does anyone remember the real thing]grav on Dec 7
 Ninjawarriors stuffSixtoe on Dec 7 Buy Steroids UK | Online Steroids For Sale on Feb 27
three player support in the Atari HardwareSurgeville on Dec 7
 More stuff on this bugSurgeville on Dec 7
hi ^^;Jonemaan on Dec 7
Bugs that were fixed for b10Aaron Giles on Dec 7
 Great stuff! Thanks for the info [nt]The Dog on Dec 7
Improved colors in Mr Do?!?!?!Hawkwind on Dec 7
COIN 2 doublesThenasty on Dec 7
Fixes in b10Fujix on Dec 7
 Thanks for the infoThe Dog on Dec 7
Anyone know these games ?CrazyChri on Dec 7
 Altered Beast maybe...KiLLerCloWn on Dec 7
 Mytery games found out ;)Sixtoe on Dec 7
  Ooooiii!KiLLerCloWn on Dec 7
   LMAO!!!! OOPS!!!, my bad *chuckles*Sixtoe on Dec 7
Beta 10 report is on-line. Cheers {nt}Shifty on Dec 6
Warning!! Slikshot bad CRC is meant to be there!Sixtoe on Dec 6
Fixed bugs and new bug in b10Fujix on Dec 6
Astdelux fpsJo on Dec 6
 ASM core disabled in past 2 betas causing slowdownSixtoe on Dec 6

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