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Two small points. First,regarding the shadows and lighting in photos - using "fill lighting" is the oldest trick in the book - usually with 12% gray cardboard etc. Given the lunar surface as it is and its reflective properties,I can readily beleive the photos appeared to have several light sources. The cross hairs etched in thelenses are another matter and I suspect that some of the poorer photos were retouched by NASA for maximum publicity. Secondly, although the NASA response appeared weak or schlock bureaucratese, we don't know if these criticisms were previously addressed in detail or not and I suspect to try and debate with sound bites would have caused more smoke than benefit. I agree that photos of the junk left behind would a big plus, but I also think we got there. On balance the show had to raise a degree of doubt and some unanswered questions or it would have fallen flat on its face. Based on your own peers, do 20% of those you know think we never went?

Posted on Mar 23, 2001, 5:27 PM
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