The Public have a right to know ! or do they? (more)

by James K


I am a historian and search for new ways of looking at history and those who made it. That is I look for those things which influenced the people who made history not for new "dirt".
JL was a musician who made various statements about society so the things which influenced him, life events and background, are relivant does this include his sex life? I dont think so, everyone has the right to some respect for privacy even in death.
Different with Alexander the Great because he surrounded himself quite openly with "beautiful boys" who served as a bodyguard and some of these men influenced his decision making. The same might also be said, for example, of a Bisexual man who used his position to persecute Homosexuals, because this is relivant to the historical events.
The rest is dirt and those who dish it for personal gain are, questionably, dirty. Historians restrict their studies to what is relivant and do so for society to gain a wider understanding of a particular event not only for self interest.
My step mother used to be a reporter for the BBC and used to believe anyone and everything was in the public interest, that is until it directly affected her and then she changed her tune quite quickly.
Regards James K

Posted on Mar 27, 2001, 9:42 AM
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