I dont agree women have NO place in the armed services (more)

by James K

the ones I have come accross are worse than a waste of space, most useless things ever to draw rations.

First there is the physical thing, I am talking Army here not police, anyone including most women can hump a Bergen over rough ground or jump out of a plane or do a section attack. But can they do it after living in the field for weeks, when the last hot meal they had was days ago and they are actually starting out cold, wet, hungry, mentally and physically exhausted? Its hard on a man women just break down and cry.

Men get injured medics go after them and rescue them and sometimes get killed, but that is part of the job. If a woman were injured the whole unit would go out no man would leave a girl injured in the field and as a result casualties would increase. OK thats not down to the girls its the men but why take the risk?

Health and hygine issues: I cant fight today I'm on and need to pop out and buy some towels. Hygine inthe field is already a nightmare, disease kills more than bullets do! start burying Tampons here there and everywhere and its a give away to those looking for you or lump them with you in a bag with serious health impications after a few days. Dont get me started with women and PMT!

Bob, as a senior police officer do you order juniors to do everything or just say you want certain things done? I do the latter, no need to ball and shout the chaps know whats expected and get on with it girls always like giving orders they never seem to ask. To me this is poor management.

Some hairy arsed Serb captures an ugly squaddie he might beat him up a little, but then shit happens, a girl getting captured opens up a whole world of opportunity? Not very nice what is the US public going to do when it sees its girls being raped or killed?

I can think of a million reasons for women NOT to be in the service and only one for them to be allowed in and that is to plase the Politicians and that is not something Iaminterested in doing.

Things might be diffeent in the Police but in the Armed services women should stay home.

Regards James K

Posted on Apr 7, 2001, 1:33 AM
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