I have few opinions about Europe (more)

by James K


Because I am an Englishman, never have been European never will be. After all isnt that why God gave us the English Channel?

Europe is the invention of nations who cant cope with history, nations with a tradition of loosing, France who couldnt stand up to Germany, Germany who started two world wars and lost both of them. Belgium, the Netherands and the other small antions were once dominated by these larger neighbours and fear being so again, if they support Europe then they might, might just have a say in their future. Italy, Spain and Portugal cynically are out for what they can get as is Ireland. The new nations of te former eastern block are trying to find thier way in the world and I hope that they realise the EU is not it.

Personaly I think the only time Europe is honest in their dealings with the UK is when they drop bombs on us, I hate the EEC/EU and all it stands for. That said I have nothing, well not too much, against the individual nations just that evil organisation that they are so intent on making us part of.

Did I express this a little strongly? I hope it did'nt cause offence but if I were into burning flags, which I am not, I'd take a match to that e'ffing blue rag.

Hope this was not offensive, sorry if you found it so.
Regards James K

Posted on Apr 30, 2001, 5:53 AM
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