Agree with Bob, Scribz and Bill...

by Alan N.


I think if there is an aura one exudes, it is partly, or even largely due to the level of confidence in oneself, in that particular circumstance, part of town etc. I think the source of this confidence is, in most cases, multifactorial. For one, like Gwen mentions above, it might come from learning some form of self defense, bolstering your sense of security, wherever you go. It might also come from carrying a firearm, or from going about your business non-tentatively, with a sense of purpose, or having a direction. I think we all have our own internal, real-time updates on how confident we are feeling, and hopefully, know when we are entering the realm where the aura we might be giving off is one of weakness, uncertainty and vulnerability, and whether or not the methods to bolster confidence are working. I think it runs in the background, unconsciously. Who knows, our own bodies might even be releasing chemicals, which are unknown to us, but that might give us away. Or on the flipside, might tell the hoodlums to steer clear, the kind of things that dogs are supposed to be good at clueing in on.

I know when I got shafted by those teenagers for my wallet, I was out of my element, not in a good mood, or frame of mind, and it must have showed in me. I'm small-framed too, and I am convinced that that does not help. I think we all set our levels of dos and don'ts. I am ok, with riding my bike through Cabrini Green to get from here to there, but wont stop to go into a liquor store there. But CB, for all it's fable, is a far cry Bob's going to ATM at 3 am in East LA. I think it's all about the confidence, from whatever source it's derived. They smell it on you, or the lack thereof. One of the MWRines emailed me on this topic, and it's really true: you can get a hundred wallets, but you've only got one spleen.

Posted on Jun 5, 2001, 6:50 PM
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