A friend owns a jewelry store here in town, and ten years ago ...

by OCD


... he shot and killed a punk thug who had just robbed his store of a load of diamonds and a bag full of Rolexes.

The thug was from Boston and had come down here, cased the area, had some accomplices phone in a fake emergency report to the local police to divert them away from the area, then struck the store.

As the puke was leaving the store, backing out, my friend pushed the silent alarm under the counter. As a parting shot, so to speak, the punk opened fire at the three employees in the store. My friend pulled a gun out from under the counter and returned fire: A couple of shots went wide and downrange but one hit the punk in the shoulder and the other in the head. The puke staggered out backwards and collapsed next to his Jeep.

My friend was devastated at having killed another person. That said, it was self defense (as validated by a Grand Jury), and he still keeps a handgun under the counter.



Posted on Jul 11, 2001, 3:13 PM
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