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by WH Smith


that thug statistically has a stolen weapon, is possesing it illegally, is carrying it illegally, and is committing another crime, most likely a felony, which has caused this interaction with the police officer. Given that he has already committed three or four felonies in the seconds before he fired your hypothetical shot, just why do you think he would chose to obey a law that made firearms illegal altogether? The only people who obey firearms laws are people who do not, generally speaking, commit other crimes anyway. If you think the mindless legislation already passed here in the USA has any effect on violent crime, then you are a victim of a media campaign run by hoplophobes designed to fool the simple minded.
I have taught Criminal Justice classes at the university level, and am astounded by the number of students who walk into one of my classes believing that firearms related crime would just disappear if we outlawed all handguns. Street criminals, just like the IRA, are reluctant to give up what gives them power. The draconian measures required to enforce really effective gun laws would create a state that would make Hitler and Stalin blush. We can, however, punish the people who use firearms illegally in a manner befitting their crimes without injuring our Constitution and the rights of innocent law-abiding citizens. Minimum mandatory life in prison with no hope for parole should be the simple sentence for anyone using a firearm in the commission of a felony. Unfortunately, our BATF spends more of their budget on drug investigations than it does on firearms investigations. Virtually no one is ever tried in Federal court for illegally possessing a firearm.

Posted on Sep 3, 2001, 6:40 AM
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