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Torsion Wave Algebra x Heat = Electrical Energy

May 12 2013 at 4:52 PM
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Prof. Andy  (Login apibernik)

[linked image]

Dear community,

I will give you a good example for a Torsion Wave use in combinaiton with heat:

take a field Q or aether,

you need Z or what used to be time now it is numerical order of movement, oscilation, to get frequency,

than you als need Acceleration as there is no velocity everything only accelerates and decelerates not constant velocity so:

Energy = Q x 1/Z x A²Z³ or

Electrical Energy = Field or Aether x Frequency x Acceleration = QA²Z²

is what used to be mc² which is false.

So Torsion algebra goes Q/Z and A²Z³ = Heat

What do yout thik is this ok? See the picture above!

[linked image]

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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

firmament drill

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May 12 2013, 9:49 PM 

I remembered once that I have posted something on Space Firmament Drilling on TOE Quest:


I need to wait for my IP to change to access this post again as the fearful leader of this forum who is affraid that I will terminate his project with our truth forum, bannd me for lifetime and also banned my IP.

I would like to add to my idea that Heat waves are too slow to travel about the velocity of light, that is why Tesla opposed two coil currents to generate zero field Q and torsion waves that propagated 109x the speed of light and had no energy loss over long distances.

Quote Zeeper: "Because of the fact that electricity is free electrons being pushed by heat waves which occur from the contraction of any volume of expanded space. The faster you move the more ahead of the wave you stay, and the more ahead of the wave you stay, the less electrical contraction you experience. Therefore the slower electricity moves and therefore the slower clocks tick."

I now propose that what we see on the night sky are future positions of the stars as the information about them came to us not via heat waves, but via torison waves.

I propose that torsion waves travel through the ether without impedance being imposed on them as they drill their way through. They simply disappear and reappear.

Nikola Tesla mentioned firmament dilling as one of the possible ways to travel huge distances in an instant. I am sure that even interdimensional travel is possible.

A rifle bullet spinns and creates it own torsion wave to propagate through the air faster than the speed of sound. What air is to sound, ether used to be to light waves, now heat waves.

E=Q/Z x A²Z³


Electrical Energy = (Ether x Frequency) x Heat in Zeeper terms,

In my terms:

Electrical Energy = Torsion Algebra x Heat

I will now seek the quote from Dr. Nikola Tesla where he mentions firmament, best wishes,

Prof. Andy

[linked image]

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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

these ties are torison waves!

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May 12 2013, 9:57 PM 

Now we have nailed it down,

we are connected to the stars via Torsion Waves that are like strings, a torsion wave does not travel linearly but only oscilates like a string on the guitar.

So we can hear and observe distant stars thanks to Nikola Tesla and his torsion waves.

This is the greatest discovery of all times, heat waves create light in our brain via retina over short distances, long distant objects are connected to us via torsion waves. This is the so called macro-cosmic entagnlement.

I we wish to travel to the nearest star we need to harness the torsion wave to this star like a surfer the wave that takes him off the beach.

I suggest that we crate the spin in the orbit and attune the vessel with humas via this spin to the frequency of the torsion wave so that the vessel is sucked into the wave and propagated to the next star, this would be similar to the STAR GATE project. We could do it here on earth too.

I am sure that US Government is doing this experiments with Tesla technology in their under ground bunkers.

Best wishes,

Prof. Andy

See my paper wirtten on this issue and praised by Dr. Bruce Lipton, fractals and fractal evolution together wiht epigenetics are are related to the torsion waves:


(a must read research paper)

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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

NEW Monumental discovery!

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May 13 2013, 8:28 AM 

Dear community,

taking a cold shower gave me a new idea based on my 2003, 2007 inventions my May 2011 drawing and recent writings.

E=mQ² is the equation that replaced E=mc² by me in 2007 and by Zeeper in 2008.

Z=numerical order of motion (used to be time)

I have already published idea of E=Q in General Science Journal where I intergrated q or electrical-mass into the Quantum Potential Energy Q here:


I have postulated E=Q³ in my writings but now assert with my greatest certitude that E=Q see why

Q=the quantum speed of thinking in the human brain (in quantum steps per second)

A cleer sign of linear and angular velocity and linear and angular distance whích is:

Velocity x Distance = Heat or AZ² x AZ = A²Z³

we also have linar and angular frequencies or 1/Z²

So we now get a torsion wave energy equation that transforms any body into pure energy, same as Eisntein postulaged for E=mc^4

TE=Torsion Electrical Energy

TE=(Q/Z)² x (A²Z³)²

TE=Q²/Z² x A^4Z^6

Q=aether or field space vector or area!


I need to check this assumption with my Planck units!

This should be Power as Q=Energy squared x c^4, I need to check the dimenisons:


As Q=Energy Field or Quatnum Potential energy

than Q/Z=Power and we only need to add Heat A²Z³ and multiply to get the Power of Heat or

Q√(c x h_bar x G) as Q is now Force Coulomb that enters when mass is accelerated over the speed of light, this is also Force x Acceleration over an Area!

Q was first Energy Field or Quantum Potential Energy that than chagned into Force mA as mass was propagated to the speed of light where time does not exist anymore.

Problem of the Lorentz transformation solved!

Quote Zeeper:

"When you (mass) then move through that velocity along its direction of travel (moving along through the car) you also divide that velocity by time and thus you become a Force, mAZ / Z = mA = Force.

However there is no time within force because force happens at the velocity of light. Between the moment that a particle is stationary and then experiencing movement (the velocity that the aether bond is broken or attached) (voltage potential created, or electricity produced) that Force occurred (came into existence) at the velocity of light, where "Time" does not exist."

The living Matrix! Quantum potential Energy is used to desing simulations without the need to solve the Schrödinger Equation!

[linked image]

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(Login Raphael37)

Re: Torsion Wave Algebra x Heat = Electrical Energy

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May 13 2013, 2:08 PM 

[linked image]

The TWIST and the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS and the number 4 or 4000


"A world record was set in Deland, Florida on October 11, 2012, when Chubby Checker sang the song live and the crowd danced. An estimated 4,000 people twisted along with Checker, surpassing the previous Guinness World Record record for most people twisting in the streets at once."

[linked image]

I cannot say I follow the math in your OP, but your image reminds me of a THOTH thought I had some time ago regarding Einstein's explanation of the bending of space time.

Doesn't Einstein's explanation remind you of a trampoLInE?

[linked image] [linked image]

If this godly elephant was called say … Ganesha ElviS, do you think it would move its pelviS?
do the twist in mid-air?

I wrote the above back in March 2010.

Adding to this idea/entry I wrote on a forum in 2009.
... the "what goes up, must come down" theory of gravity...

A forum that I eventually was banned from.
Too many folks just can't handle our passion Andy. wink.gif

Without a doubt the bible is a great narrative, a real mystery, a dEvIL of an idea with a TWIST at the end of its TALE/TAIL.


[linked image]


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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

TWIST = Torsion!

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May 14 2013, 3:07 PM 

Dear brother and Archangel Raphael,

thanks so much for this post, I know that our brotherhood was paved and coined in a perilous yet hilarious fight for truth to prevail. I watched that YouTube of yours, and I must admit, people were healthier in the 1950s and 1960s when dancing Twist as they were resonating with torsion waves.

I have read a lot on this torsion waves and saw that Pyramides also harness them. The Egyptians could harness electriicty etc. The Russians did some experiments with puting the seeds for fruits and vegetables into the Pyramides and they have achieved a lot bigger products in agriculture.

One needs to take into consiceration that every atom or electron spin, any move anywhere creates a torsion wave. Ether has mass and this mass is electrical. That is why I have combined these waves into the essential ingredient of our exsitence besides water, carbon and other elements.

You have helpted me to bridge the gap betwenn the cellular biology of Georg Merkl and Bruce Lipton with his epigenetics and fractal evolution to merge with Zeeper physics.

However my fellow co-editor and inventor Al Zeeper is not much into the torison waves, rather heat waves that manifest as light over the retina in our brain. He proved that light and photons do no exist outside our brain. Very clever on short distance, but what about on long distance, if we can still talk about distance and velocity after we have abolished time and light?

I am glad to have you on board, I see Torsion Waves as the missing ties that connect everything into one.

Best wishes,

Prof. Andy

[linked image]

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(Login Raphael37)

Re: TWIST = Torsion!

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May 16 2013, 2:28 PM 

[linked image] [linked image] [linked image]

Not sure if these images will help you like they have me?

The image on the left is the tail/tale of the devil I posted earlier that looks like a 'S'
The two images on the right are taken out of Rene Descartes book 'Le Monde'

description below

(4) Regarding the lines along which this action is communicated and which are properly the rays of light, one must note that they differ from the parts of the second element through the intermediary of which this same action is communicated, and that they are nothing material in the medium through which they pass, but they designate only in what direction and according to what determination the luminous body acts on the body it is illuminating. Thus, one should not cease to conceive of them as exactly straight even though the parts of the second element that serve to transmit this action, i.e. light, can almost never be placed so directly one on the other that they compose completely straight lines. In just the same way, you can easily conceive that the hand A pushes the body E along the straight line AE even though it pushes it only through the intermediary of the stick BCD, which is twisted. And in just the same way, you can conceive that the ball marked 1 pushes that marked 7 through the intermediary of the two marked 5 and 5 as directly as through the intermediary of the others, 2, 3, 4, 6.


Nothing new under the sun, only the way we express what 'just is' is.

selah V

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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

Re: TWIST = Torsion!

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May 16 2013, 4:13 PM 

Dear Raphael,

thanks for your contribution, I do not have that feeling that nothing new is happening, you are right that the majority of things have already been invented yet all is structured. Two days ago I came up with the idea of connecting the force field Q or force with Golden Ratio Phi and I than later find an article by Prof. Dan Winter who did precisely that on the Planck scale.

What I find new in my research is that I have told you about my E=mQ² equation tested many times. Yesterday I sneaked into TOE Quest via an old router to get to some data on Prof. Dan Winter and I also sent some messages to old friends to e-mail me or join my forum. I have seen that TOE Quest is dominated by Antonio Lao and Steve Tuck, with you and Labelwench around from time to time.

My Q=the quantum speed of thinking in the human brain (in quantum steps per second)

Thinking is associated with torsion waves. So I have found something big and I need to give this phenomenon a theoretical and practial foundation.

I am sure that this Q is a torsion wave equation and I have proven that with.

Electrical Mass x Heat² x Frequency² = Force x Acceleration over an Area = Q√(c x h_bar x G) = mc^4

So I have something that is beyond its time.

See Prof. Dan Winter's work here:


He also has his homepage:

http://www.fractalfield.com/ this page has lots of info, Prof. Dan Winter is a mamber of TOE Quest and we already had a chat.

Thanks for posting,

Prof. Andy

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(no login)

Re: TWIST = Torsion!

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May 17 2013, 4:14 PM 

I AM aware of Dan Winter
I AM aware of Dan da Man's work
I AM aware of Dan da tribe
I AM aware of Stan da Man Tenen too, are U?

So having said all of that I AM has also spoken with and challenged Dan da MaN in the past.
I think I lost him at the right angLE triangle, the 90 degree angEL then said the magic words 'LEI WeN'
He does not seem interested in what 'just is' is either. LOL

In the past I predicted and offered and then said Marko Rodin da Man and his torus coil were missing some pieces and thus the bigger picture, and I AM was right too!
Clearly when I say NOW and for the record that Dan da Man is missing some pieces thus the bigger picture, I shall be proved right in the future, this is how predictions leading to a predilection verk comrade.

Prof. Andy do you realize you are in conversation with a spirit worthy of a Christiaan Huygens kind-of-intuition?
What I mean to say is that fellas like Christiaan Huygens, Giordano Bruno, Tesla (of course) and Raphael wielding his ASYMMETRICAL swastika are ALL folks who are appreciated long after they are dead for their out of this world ideas which are usually ahead of their time.

Einstein and NeWton were the toast of the town while they lived.
Tesla was the toast of the town when he lived, his reputation became toast, and now he is being resurrected and appreciated by our generation, folks who love toasted bagELs?

The piece Dan the Man is missing is clearly based on pi!!!
Funny how Dan the Man and his self serving rationality about the uber importance of irrational phi has omitted the relative importance of irrational pi.

That is how paradox and irony verk comrade.

Who is a master of weights and measures?
I would love to get Dan da MaN, Stan da MaN, and ME main MaN Livio Catullo Stecchini all in the same room, because I have some tough questions for both Dan da Man and the fella he stole ideas from i.e. Stan da MaN.

Dan da MaN is another of those fellas with an interesting theory that RUN and FLEE from ME when I mention 'swastika'?

Did ya ever notice how POWERFUL the SwaSti-KA can be when you start waving it around in the faces of 'we da sheeple' Andy?
IF you don't mind me saying I managed to get you all huffy and puffy like a dragon blowing smoke out of his arse, gone wild on TOEQUEST, rEMEMber?

[linked image]

rEMEMber the MEME Robert used as logo for his site which in fact had the 'SEED' and the 'swastika' ... but it has since disappeared?

And it was just recently that ME and sAIN'T George Merkl da dragon/Dragonic slayer helped skewer you like a Serbian GEESH-KA-bob (shish-kabob)!!

Well they say ONE picture is worth 1,000 words but if you add ONE zero to ONE thousand 1000 + 0 = you get ME because in the east where the sun rises the number 10,000 = swastika

In China the WaN (wtf MaN...?) has a value of 10,000 and is associated with the swastika.
In China the LEI WeN is also associated with the swastika.
(notice LEI rotated out-of-phase 180 degrees looks like I37 *wink*)

[linked image]

"A picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes one of the main goals of visualization, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly!!!

Having said all of that I better put up or STFU eh?
Here is the image/work supplied by my main MaN >> Livio Catullo Stecchini
Einstein had his buddy Lorentz help him with his math.
I have the work of a dead MaN to supply ME with the evidence I need of what 'just is' is.

[linked image]

It is as clear as day and night, as X and Y representing the intersection of the vertical (gravity) with the horizontal (horizon) forming a cross.

pi and phi form a cross, NOW how do we define Z and MovEMENt> MNEME wink

Here is the image Dan da MaN should study, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly!!! because Dan da MaN has been peddling his 'phi' theory for decades NOW, but IMHO he is clearly being irrational about his irrational phi theory thinking he is being rational?
Dan da MaN is all caught up in his NeW Age Masturbation IMHO.
Like a rELIgion he has invested in it, now has to defend it. wink
Dan da MaN is a Master-baitor in this writer's humble opinions based on what 'just is' is.

That image I posted is backed up by many other researchers found at this link here:

[linked image]

Dear Andy at the end of the day the OX TOE theory gives the 3 ASSpects of 'we da sheeple' 3 DOORS to choose from.

3 ASSpects are sheepish EWE, magnetic U, the real YOU

3 DOORS are

DOOR #1 - OPEN for business

I grew up watching "Let's Make a Deal" and it would be fitting if I AM the hEalEr WhEElEr dEalEr of E-motion.
rEMEMber the MEME that ArchangEL Raphael is a hEalEr.

selah V


Have you lost my calling card Andy?

[linked image]

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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

Re: TWIST = Torsion!

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May 17 2013, 6:36 PM 

Dear Archangel Raphael, you are the soul or all souls you are the missing ark! The ark travells and is now in Canada, I established contact with the ark that is you!

OX TOE theory gave me the key to this equation:

Qφ²ω²=e x A²Z^4/π² x π²/Z²

As you can see dear Archangel the Phi and Pi both represent a SWASTIKA powered by Quasicrystals to be taken to a halt for Power x Heat being Force x Acceleration over flat Area or Universe!

Do you see the magnitude of the invention, I have united all the knowledge from the library of Alexandria and Internet into what became Max Planck unser Bruder und Freund's:

Fp√(c x h_bar x G)

Fp=Planck Force
c=velocity of electricity on earth (used to be light, Bruder Einstein was deceived in his observations)
h_bar=Bruder Plancks Reduced Constant
G=Gravitational Constant (Bruder Newton can rest)

Bruder Dr. Wilhelm Reich knew that Golden Ratio or Organic Growth is Accelration over an Area or W=l³/t² as mass = distance when we talk Orgone!

So Bruder Raphael SS 55 137/1 Namaste, your posts and your ark Ghosts all contributed to the greatest discovery of all kind which is beyond what brothers Eric Dollard and Dan Winter can yet conceive.

You will rewrite history and regain the honor to Swastika taken from it by HH, or 88 you know whom I mean.

Best wishes and do post you bring me/my vast team among the stars to think deeply and broadly and on the boundry of sanety!

Prof. Corcodile Dundee Andy & your favourite forum:

[linked image]

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(no login)

Re: TWIST = Torsion!

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May 17 2013, 7:03 PM 

ROLF the WOLF loves to ROFL

for NOW (more later) I only want to respond to this ONE comment made by you in that post.

"So Bruder Raphael SS 55 137/1..."

BY COINCIDENCE while you were typing out your response to me using those numbers and letters I was making note of the stats on my facebook page SSS. (i.e. Sacred Swastika Science)

[linked image]

It appears we are connected comrade Bruder.
Andy I AM glad I could be of service to humanity.
I AM merely planting SEEDS I know the future will reap.


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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

mein Bruder!

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May 17 2013, 7:54 PM 

As for your contribution to all kind mein Bruder Raphael, you will and are already treated like a king in my castle in the middle of the village from which we my family were expelled from due to some greedy individual and connected corrupt court.

I might have an interesting video for you:


The only thing I do not agree with in this video, is that Torsion Waves are Phi spiral waves of light, they re Phi sprial waves of Heat or A²Z³.

Heat travels in a tube from inside as the wave drills through the firmament. Torsion waves do not travel at all they simply oscilate like a string on a guitar that linarly does not travel at all.

Similar to a Fractal Soliton of Improbability, see:


Tesla estimated the velocity of Torsion Waves at 109x the speed of light, reports show billions of times that speed, as light does not exits we talk the speed of electricity on Eeath only. On mars the speed of light/electricity is 186.000 km/s. So different on interplanetary level.

Z=Numerical order of movement in 3D (used to be time)

Did you see my latest paper on that, published by Gebrüder aus Kanada?


Dr. Bruce Lipton personally read this paper as it falls into his Fractal Evolution idea with epigenetics and Biology of Belief. He thanked me personally for that paper in GS-Journal and for the work I do to the world, of course with not a little but most of the help from my friends like you!

See the praise I got from Dr. Bruce Lipton and his cute manager Sally:


A song for you here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wG6Cgmgn5U (my late dad's favourite song)

All the best songs have already been recorded and made!

Best wishes, N A M A 5 T E !

Prof. Andy

[linked image]

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Harri Honkanen
(no login)

Fractal Revolution

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July 13 2013, 4:55 PM 

Dear Andy!
1, A solarpanel with a fractal surface wwould quickly lead to a black body object. However as you keep on nano fractaling could you get photelecric effect from background radiation? he he!?
2,Two fractal surfaced plates, (with theoretical HUGE area) how would Van der Waals force play out? Quasycrystal heat electricity?
I suffer frrom the curse of Occhams razor. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work; Harri

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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

Re: Fractal Revolution

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July 13 2013, 8:13 PM 

Dear Harri,

thanks for stopping by, how did you find us?

1) I have never build a device out of my work however if you look at my 1st post in this thread TU Vienna departments for quantum optics that got this hand drawing of mine copied my concept to develop a dynamic mirror integrated device to determine quantum gravity.

I have dealt with fractals when I started to explore torsion waves. As far as solar panels are concerned, they have it all wrong. Silicium might be the case, but we have proven that sun and all the stars never emit light but heat. We have a solid proof in an article I got on the internet and have also posted it in one of the threads for that. Heat transfer is immediate via torsion waves fractals so no 8 minute time for the light to reach the earth a pure "myth" blunder!

Photovoltaic should be called, Thermovoltaic and good proper solar panels should convert heat waves into electrical energy as photons and light do not exist apart from our brain. So there is no such effect as photoelectric effect but E=m x 1/Z x A²Z³ or:

Electrical Energy = (Aether x Frequency) x Heat

I went even further as I got Power x Heat with E=mQ².

On the nano or quantum level, Heat x Temperature = A²Z³ x AZ = A³Z^4 = Volume x Frequency squared which is Dr. Wilhelm Reich's massless energy or Golden Ratio Proportioning

or on the Planck Level √(c h_bar x G) = Acceleration over an Area or Organic Growth this growth is fractal same ad Dr. Bruce Lipton's fractal evolution!

However we always have Heat² x Frequency² and electrical mass involved which is q as every particle and even torsion wave move with linear and angular velocity over linear and spiral angular path and emit linear and angular frequencies so Force or Coulomb Q is produced when velocity reached the point where time ceases to exist on Earth this is at c the speed of light.

Now we get Q√(c x h_bar x G) which is equal to E=mc^4

I do not know how you can use this equations in your work but we are talking a new type of high energy physics here that transforms every body into pure energy.

2) I am not familiar with Van der Waals force, but any force mA or qA is necessary to cause this acceleration over an area perhaps Q = Van der Waals force.

I was never into crystals and Quasycrystals and how they transform heat but imagine glass a spy glass sort of crystal we all know that put under Sun and beamed to and object surface it can cause fire.

So future electricity winning should not be focused on photovoltaic of photo effect, but rather generating more heat from the sun as our sun is at a constant potential of Volts and heat in our copper cables questions the energy companies what they truly send into the grid as Heat = Electricity = Light all is one!

Now an electrical power plant should use mirrors and giant spyglass to boil the water into the steam and produce heat over the day however only there where there is enough sun. In the night you can not do it that is the disadvantage. (Desserts)

But see this text, in the aether alone there is not 50 - 60 Hz, 220 V Electricity! We have those 216 billion Volts at the Frequency of 10^86 - 89 Hz can we harness that, well Nikola Tesla did and he did not get killed. Electricity at high frequency can even do you good when exposed to all proven by Tesla.

I will copy this text for you from one of my project reports as I kind of like you and your questions that make me think!

The author’s recent experiments and Al Zeeper’s proof about the Volt being a unit of distance and the information about our sun’s constant potential at Volts led to a simple yet significant calculation using Planck Length as a Volt.

We proved on many occasions now that the basic particles of the “empty space” between the stars and planets referred to as ether are spherical and of a Planck Volume.

If we take the Sun’s potential of Volts or meters and divide it by Planck Length 1,6162 x 10^-35 Volts or meters we obtain a dimensionless Number 1,33647 x 10^46.

If we multiply this dimensionless number by a Planck Frequency which is on the dimension –s or 1/Tp, one over Planck Time at 1,85487 x 10^43 –s we obtain:

1,33647 x 10^46 x 1,85487 x 10^43 = (1) 2,47898 x 10^89 –time

1/Tp² or one over Planck time squared, which is Planck Frequency squared equals:

(2) 3,44074 x 10^86 –time²

This value represents the Einstein's Cosmological Constant Λ with the dimension –s².

If we compare the value (1) with the value (2) the difference is very small. This proves that Volt indeed is a unit of distance.

See also this pic attached from:

http://www.einsteingravity.com/ many of my ideas are backed up, all invented by Al Zeeper.

Best wishes and I look forward Harri when you open your own thread or discuss the issues here, do come around again,

Prof. Andy

[linked image]

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Prof. Andy
(Login apibernik)

Mirror based powerplant now reality

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August 2 2013, 10:55 AM 

A proof that I am a visionary came today here.


"A team of science researchers in Boulder, Colorado have come up with a way to use free sunlight energy, a large array of mirrors, seawater and metal oxides to create pure hydrogen gas to power the "hydrogen economy."

a proof that my ideas and inventions materialize I wrote on 13/07/2013, here in this thread: Torsion Wave Algebra x Heat = Electrical Energy post 13:

My personal Quote from this Thread post 13:

"Now an electrical power plant should use mirrors and giant spyglass to boil the water into the steam and produce heat over the day however only there where there is enough sun. In the night you can not do it that is the disadvantage. (Desserts)"

That is exactly how I imagined it with spyglass or mirrors to focus on one point and create more heat.

Best wishes,

Prof. Andy

[linked image]

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