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More Interim Dyno Results

April 15 2006 at 7:03 PM

Jay Brown  (Login jaybnve)

I'll post another detailed report tomorrow night. Basically, today's results felt somewhat vindicating, in light of the previous "Streetmaster Surprise". Today I tested the Performer RPM after port matching to MR intake ports, and also the SP2P and the Edelbrock Performer. Results:

- Port matching the Performer RPM gave a HP increase of about 5 HP over the non-port matched test results. Still behind the Streetmaster by about 5 HP, but closer.

- The SP2P was far, far worse than I expected it to be. The BT, Streetmaster, and Performer RPM were all in the 400-412 HP range. The SP2P peaked at 319 HP, 93 HP down from the Streetmaster! But it also had the highest torque in the 2500 - 3000 RPM range.

- The Edelbrock Performer intake peaked at around 375 HP, down a good 25 HP from the other intakes. It also showed good torque down low, but it trailed the other intakes in torque by 3500 RPM.

So, the Performer and the SP2P performed as expected (or worse!). Maybe we do know something about these engines after all!

I'll try to do a couple more intakes tomorrow...

Jay Brown
1968 Shelby GT 500 Convertible, all aluminum 489" 1030 HP Supercharged FE
1969 XL Convertible, 460
1969 R code Mach 1, 706 HP 511" all aluminum FE, 10.457 @ 127.47, 2005 Drag Week Winner, Naturally Aspirated Big Block

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