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bad parts or bad luck? (long, long rant)

April 16 2012 at 7:26 PM

Jim Wysocki  (Login 6667fan)

I knew my Robb Mc starter was on the way out so I picked up a reman OEM piece from Autozone yesterday. This morning I take the Fairlane out to warm her up so I can put her on the ramps in the driveway to proceed with the starter changing contest. Well, coming off the highway the engine stalls(?) so I pull into a parking lot near the off ramp.Sit for a minute and hit the key and that is it. Wing, whiz , wing its all over for the driven gear on the gear reduction starter. Second time that has happened but not here to bash Robb. Maybe it is something I'm doing wrong on the install. Now what? I get a relative who lives nearby to give me a lift to my house so I can get the floor jack and all the tools I can think I might need and bring it all back with the Autozone starter in my daily driver Sable wagon to do the job in the parking lot instead of my driveway.So there sits the Fairlane with no hood on it and a pair of 4 bbls sticking out for all the world to see. Any oppurtunists with a ramp truck around? Well,I get back with the wagon and the car is still there so pull the Robb Mc unit out and begin to put the Ford one in and the of course the f#%ker is going to fight me and I can't recall the trick of how I got it done last time. No problem, I'll just do a search on our forum. I even posted on the exact subject one time. Where is the smart phone? Oh, its back at the house where I left it in my panic to get back to the car. Nice! So another nerve racking trip away from the car to the house and back and after wresting with the little piggy some more I get it in. Car has Crites 2" tubes so you have to drop the idler arm and do some gymnastics to get the starter in. Alrighty then,pick up the tools and were gonna fire this thing up. Did I mention it was 90 here today, working on a black car, in a tar parking lot? So, crank her over and she fires but the starter is still spinning! WTF? Turn the key to off and it makes no difference so run around to the quick disconnect on the negative cable and kill it. Are you kidding me? So,lets do some forum searches to sort this bs out and some point to a bad relay or maybe a bad ignition switch. Why now,after putting in the new starter? So, disconnect the lead to the starter from the relay solenoid and reconnect the quick disconnect to the battery, touch the starter lead to the relay enough to crank her and bring the Fairlane home. Now, I'm thinking bad relay and I happen to have a new one from Autokrafters on the shelf so lets throw that one in there and the same thing happens. Even with both the brown wire and the red/blue wire off the relay posts the starter will engage with the key off once the battery is connected. How could I have two bad relays in a row now? Does this sound like a bad ignition switch? Farg!
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